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Grab endless fun for HALLOWEEN with our spooky party box of escape room kits and SAVE 60% I want the fun >

Copyright release form for all Escape Kits from Lock Paper Scissors

Please Do this stuff

  • Print the pack as photos at Walmart, Officeworks or any other photo printing place.
  • Print the pack as photos on your own/friends/works printer.
  • Share the printed pack with friends. I'm even happy for you to email the digital files to friends, so they can enjoy it, just avoid uploading to a file sharing site.

Don't do this stuff

Short version:

If you're not making money you're probably ok.

Long version:

  • Avoid reselling a pack for $$
  • Please don't upload a pack to a file sharing platform
  • Edit the pack and claim it as your own (just drop be an email below if you'd like the builders kit to make your own and sell it through the store)

Make $$ selling escape kits

There are 3 ways you can make $$ from these epic escape rooms:

  • Design and sell your own through the online store.
  • Customize an existing pack and sell through the online store. For example, translating it into french and simplifying the puzzles to make it useable at a kids party.
  • Sell the packs through your own website using affiliate links. This is super simple as all you need is a custom affiliate link, that I'll generate for you, and you're ready to start selling!

If you'd like to have a chat about any of these just drop me a line using the contact form below.

Hi, I'm Elliott. Drop me a line (usually 24-48 hours response time)