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Escape Room Z Heading

Survival Guide.

This is a hard escape game.

Like really ... it's super hard. ?

If you've been hacking away at a puzzle for a while, tap one of the hints below its picture. The 1st hint is quite subtle, and the last is the full solution.

Story and Mission

Play this video to the group before you start the game.

Escape Room Z Trailer

How to solve puzzles

All the puzzles involve making lateral connections between several clue cards. For example, one clue card could contain a cipher/code and another the key to solving it. By using some pen and paper, you can decode the message.

Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved ? trust me it's super obvious. Sometimes this is because you're directed to a website where you enter a password, and it works. Other times, you'll get a piece of information that connects to another clue.

If you get stuck, click on the hint for the puzzle you're working on for a little help.

Hand holding zombie puzzle card side.

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