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Challenge 2

Challenge 2:

Sneaky does it

[Tess, as the social hacker in the crew you'll take charge here. Replace the Challenge 1 cards with those from the Challenge 2 pile. When you're ready read out the intro and lead away:]

"Boom headshot, boom headshot, booooom hheadddshooot! Those mechs never knew what hit them."

"Now that it's safe to approach the facility, we need to find a way inside. I've planned ahead and brought some engineer's uniforms, which should work as disguises."

"However, there's an ID check at the front door which we need the correct passphrase for. One of Zhar's contacts has leaked a security memo, which hopefully contains the answer".

Security robot obsticle

Get past the security bot

The security robot asks Isn't it an exciting time to be alive?

What is the correct passphrase?


Robot happy


The immense steel door glides open effortlessly... you're in.

[Tap the big button below to enter the building.]


Robot angry

I Don't believe you!

I don't believe you! Snaps the security robot, before deactivating for a while.

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].