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The definitive map to publishing your 1st escape room kit.

Escape Game Publishing Map

Each signpost on this design journey moves your quest closer to completion.

It's the easiest way to become a published escape room kit designer and make some serious $$.

Take that first step...


Why Lock Paper Scissors is the best publisher for your Escape Room Kit

You're amazing at crafting incredible escape room experiences.

We're brutally effective marketing wizards who crush sales.

Together, we both win.

Here's How

  • As soon as your game starts selling, you start making money (and you keep 60%—we only take 40%, similar to app stores)

  • You keep full creative freedom all the way through the process, and you will always retain IP and copyright

  • We let you focus on your passion by answering daily customer emails and processing refunds and returns—all the admin work that saps your creative energy

Choose freedom and income by publishing your escape room kit through Lock Paper Scissors.

Earn 60% without having to worry

Here's what we do for you

We have 35,000 monthly visitors, and they’re all looking for escape room kits just like yours.

We manage payments, refunds, customer service emails, and game delivery. Basically, we do all the admin work you hate.

We guide you with best practices and game design feedback, and we give you access to our team of quality artists, copywriters, and writers—but only if you want them. It’s your game, and you always maintain full creative freedom.

Over 50 puzzle cards

Here's how the process works

Submit Your Minimum Playable Game (MPG)

Send us some details about your game and a copy of your MPG (just use the form below). All we need is a playable version of the game, but we'd love to see a final product if you have one.

We specialize in the digital distribution of printable games, so that's what we need you to send us—either a MPG or final product, it's up to you. (Want to know why? Expand the box below to see how selling printable games through Lock Paper Scissors means more sales and more money for you.)

Here's a game design checklist of what your MPG should include.

Here’s What Happens When You Submit Your Kit:

After we've had time to review your game, you'll hear one of these answers from us:

  1. Sorry. We won't publish your escape kit right now.

  2. This is amazing. We would love to publish your escape kit exactly the way it is.

  3. We see potential. We want to work with you to get your escape kit ready to publish. (This is probably what you'll hear. See what happens next below.)

We'll work together to make your game great

Most importantly, you always maintain full creative freedom. (We know we say that a lot. It's important to us. Because it's important to you.) We’ll provide industry-leading guidance and suggestions on format, game mechanics, and stuck points to help you make a fantastic game. Until we’re ready to offer the game to your players, we won't require any payments from you and we won't offer any advances on earnings. 

You'll use our input to develop your game into a finished product

Once you have our feedback, you'll use it to develop your game with complete creative freedom. The art, setup instructions, and play testing are all up to you. When we both agree it's ready to publish, we'll send your escape kit to our copy editor, launch it on the Lock Paper Scissors platform, and email over 3,000 subscribers who just can’t wait to play your game.

Example of 1st round feedback.

You'll earn cash while players enjoy your game

You can view your earnings in real time. We make payouts at the end of each month, and we keep making them as long as you're happy to sell your game through Lock Paper Scissors.

Old typewriter

Legal Stuff Our Lawyers Make Us Include

Contracts can be really long and boring to read, but they're important and we have to use them to protect ourselves and you. Here's a quick summary of the one we'll use if we work together. You can read the whole thing here.

  1. If we disagree on anything, we want to figure out a win-win solution. The contract is there in case we can't find one.

  2. All the choices (how much money we each make, when we make it, etc.) are made to push us both to work as hard as we can to get your game sold.

  3. We have a six-month window where only we can sell your escape room kit. That encourages both of us to make sure we sell lots of copies as fast as we can.

  4. You always maintain full ownership of your IP. You just let us sell it for you.

  5. Once the six-month window is up, you're free to sell your game elsewhere, but not for less than we do. We start your game at $29, and we don't want to race each other to see who can sell it for a nickel faster.

  6. Customers who feel safe buy more, so we offer an unconditional 'money back guarantee' on all escape room kits we sell. This is 3-4 percent of total sales.

  7. You need to deliver a game that's ready to sell, including setup guides and photos of the finished product.

  8. You don't need to include a Designer Kit that allows your customers to customize your game, but we recommend it. It helps sales.

  9. We have the option to edit your game, but we won't use it often. We'd rather work together to improve it until it's the best game we can both offer.

  10. We'll provide you with coupons to the official version of your game for personal and marketing use.

  11. We'll send you royalty payments within 14 days after the end of each month.

Design pens

Still have questions? Let's chat

Submit your Minimum Playable Game or ask a Question:

Feel free to drop me a line below with questions or ideas. If your MPG is ready to submit, please go through each item in this checklist to ensure it's ready for the 1st review.

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