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Whisk your kids away on an enchanting escape room journey through the world of Frost. This DIY kit will transform your Thanksgiving get-together, birthday, family fun day, or classroom, into a magical team adventure.


1: Download the kit for 9-12 year-olds


2: Print the game anywhere


3: Carefree fun for 2+ players

The PERFECT Christmas or Thanksgiving Escape Room Game!


What Is The Frost Play-At-Home Escape Room Kit?


Frost is a ready-to-play game pack that transforms your living room into a magical DIY escape room adventure.

This enchanting experience is crafted to delight 10-12-year-old kids, with puzzles that ignite their creativity and a whimsical story they will cherish unravelling.

In the world of Frost, your kids will race in teams of 2-4 to complete the trials of the Winter Faire, and uncover mysterious forgotten memories.

Any number of teams can play, just print the game multiple times.

The best part? You can play along too, as setup is entirely spoiler-free!

This Theme Will Have Your Kids Spellbound...


You and your friends can hardly contain the excitement as the 100 Year Winter Faire is on today!

While wandering the woods following an enchanted map a mysterious Wisp whispers to you...

"My my my... you feel so familiar..." says the Wisp.

"Why that is I cannot say!? I awoke this morning with no memories ou body! Not that I mind all this flying around but I'm a little worried."

"The only flashbacks I have are from a Winter Faire, but that's not possible since the poster says that was 100 years ago..."

"Could I trouble you for help in piecing together who I am? Otherwise, I fear I may be lost like this forever..."

Here's Why It's The Best At-Home Family Activity You'll Ever Find:

Guarantee piggy bank

Saves you stress. It's all done for you.

Just download, print and party. Done! This is a ready-to-play game that comes with everything you need to get started in under 30 mins.

Saves you $$$. Family friendly.

The whole escape game kit costs less than one ticket to an escape room. So the whole family can play for a fraction of the cost!

More fun than the movies.

Put the screens away. We've lovingly master-crafted this game to spark your kids critical thinking and capture their imagination.

You Get These Cool Bonuses Inside Your $29 Escape Room Kit:

Music playlist

Ready-to-print Posters

Theme your party in an instant with our stash of printable posters (plus a Facebook invite photo).

Majestic Photo Booth Props

Let your inner princess go! Capture the magic with wearable jewelery and printable decorations.

Enchanted Music Playlist

The themed Spotify playlist will instantly transport your kids to a magical snowy wonderland.

You'll Also Get These Free Perks

Refund guarantee stamp

Garantie de remboursement sans risque

Not a fan? If you don't love the game, we'll refund your money. No questions asked!

speech-bubble-contact-square2 decal

Une personne est là pour vous aider

We've got your back. Just drop us a question via email ou Facebook.

Earth friendly game

Respectueux de la planète. Toujours.

Just print what you need. Zero plastic waste. Zero excess packaging. Go you!

You, Or Your Kids, Can Even Edit The Game!


You can make the game your own. Just jump into our 'click and drag' Game Editor to customize anything you like. This way, you can make your own escape room while skipping the grunt work - we've done it for you!

For example, you can easily add some real-life combination locks by changing the puzzle answers to a 4-digit code.

Or, you could add the birthday girl's name (or maybe references to her favorite movies) into the puzzles.

Check out our mods page to see just how easy it is to edit our games.

Et, vous le payez pour une bonne cause :

Thai girl

Some kids don't get to play.

We can help.

So we will donate 20% of the profit from your purchase to help kids and communities escape poverty.

This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about their global impact.

Here's What Other Parents Thought:


With 4.8 stars out of 5 on Facebook reviews you know you're in good company. Check out what other parents and players thought on our authentic reviews page.


Ready To Start The Magic?

Then download, print and party with the Frost escape room kit:


A ready-to-play adventure with all you need to transform your home into the world of Frost.

Totally risk-free with a 100% money back guarantee. For real!

Beginner-friendly setup guides that are so easy your kids could set it up!

Ou... Économisez de l'argent en obtenant un pack !

Nous avons regroupé nos meilleurs jeux d'Escape Game dans des packs à thème débordants d'amusement. Vous aurez donc du divertissement trié et prêt à l'emploi pour n'importe quel événement à venir.

Cliquez sur le pack Escape Game qui vous convient le mieux ci-dessous et préparez-vous à devenir le champion du fun !


Pack enfants

$59 50% d'économie
  • 4 x kits d'Escape Game
  • La momie perdue
  • Frost
  • Révolte Rebelle
  • Quête d'Évasion
  • Bonus carte au trésor
  • Montrez-moi

Thanksgiving Box

$69 50% d'économie
  • 5 x kits d'Escape Game
  • La momie perdue
  • Frost
  • Lueur d'Envie
  • Escape Room Z
  • Révolte Rebelle
  • Bonus pack Thanksgiving (affiches + accessoires)
  • Bonus carte au trésor
  • Montrez-moi

Pack fête VIP

$99 50% d'économie et +
  • 6 x kits d'Escape Game
  • La momie perdue
  • Frost
  • Lueur d'Envie
  • Escape Room Z
  • Révolte Rebelle
  • Quête d'Évasion
  • Bonus pack Thanksgiving (affiches + accessoires)
  • Bonus carte au trésor
  • Accès anticipé aux jeux VIP
  • Copies GRATUITES à vie de tous les futurs jeux
  • Montrez-moi

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