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Grab endless fun for HALLOWEEN with our spooky party box of escape room kits and SAVE 60% I want the fun >

Host an EPIC escape room party your clients won't stop talking about!


Want to run our escape games for your own clients and feel like a goblin overlord? Awesome, our site license is for events businesses just like yours!

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1: Download a kit

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2: Print it out

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3: Host a party!

Why do I need a Site License?

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A site license is intended primarily for events businesses, and allows you to charge your clients a fee in order to participate in one of our escape room games.

You do not need to purchase a site license if you're a daring adventurer who's just in it for the fun and the glory. The High Wizards approve of running and sharing our escape room kits for free so long as everyone is having a blast! Check out the game kits.

You DO need to purchase a site license if you're a savvy merchant or aspiring warlord who intends to make a few gold pieces using our escape room kits.

If you intend to charge your players to participate in our escape room game, you need a site license.

What Can I Do with a Site License?

Still interested? Great!

A site license gives you unlimited access to one of our escape room kits to run and charge for on your own premises.

A site license for a single escape room kit costs $299. This cost includes both the license and an escape room game kit of your choice.

This will allow you to:

  • Print the kit out as many times as you like (just don't sell the kit or give away any of the physical or digital copies).
  • Charge your own customers whatever you like in order to participate in the escape room experience.
Mr Grumpy Cat.
Grumpy cat is watching you!

This will NOT allow you to:

  • Become an actual goblin overlord. You'll need to provide your own goblins for that.
  • Sell, give away, or distribute copies of the escape room kit (physical or digital). This falls under our Resellers Program instead. If reselling our kits is something you're interested in, great - the High Wizards always welcome new allies! Shoot us a message and we'll walk you through setting it all up on your website.

Buy a Site License for $299

Explore the different escape room game kits on offer, and then click the button to purchase a site license for that kit!

Transformez facilement n'importe quel espace en un jeu de meurtre mystérieux de style Gatsby des années 1920, où se mêlent luxe débauché et querelles meurtrières. Préparez-vous pour une nuit de gants de velours, maculés de sang.

Posters pack envy
Complete Envy escape kit
Photo booth party props
Editing the DIY escape kit

Mystérieux kit d'Escape Game pour enfants qui transforme votre maison en une aventure antique ! Téléchargez et imprimez simplement le kit de fête et la partie peut commencer !

lost-mummy-children-solving-puzzles-400x400 (4)

Escape Room Z est un kit d'Escape Game sur le thème des zombies qui transforme votre maison en une aventure à vous ronger les ongles.

Il contient tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour effrayer, y compris toutes les énigmes, affiches et décorations parfaites pour Halloween. Il suffit d'imprimer et de faire la fête !


Révolte Rebelle est un kit d'Escape Game traître qui transforme votre maison en une aventure audacieuse. Imprimez et faites la fête !


Quête d'Évasion is a riveting time-travel adventure that takes your children on an unforgettable romp through the ages!

Setup is super easy, and the kit comes with all the cards, puzzles, invitations and party posters you will need to get started ASAP.

Escape Quest is primarily focused around scavenging for clues, so is perfectly suited for children's events and birthdays around 6-8 years old.

Beginning of the game.
Looking at escape puzzle.
Chocolate puzzle.
Kids work together.