Grand Theft Antimatter:

Mission Guide.

This mission guide walks you through everything you need to prep and play.

(If you haven't downloaded the game pack grab it here).

Let's do this!

Welcome, Game Master.

As the game master of this event, it's your role to print the game out, invite friends, setup the game, and explain how it works to the crew. Once that's all done you'll join your comrades to help win the day.

First step is to print the game kit (just expand the box below for instructions). Then there're just 15 mins of prep to do before friends arrive.

Some of the printed clue cards

Prep to do before friends arrive.

Being by following the steps below to separate the game kit into chapters. You'll be starting the game at Chapter 1 and the card stack will have everything you need to solve the puzzles. When you finish that chapter, you'll move onto Chapter 2 etc...Grab your pile of printed cards and:


  1. Grab some stationery: pens, paper, scissors and sticky tape.
  2. Separate the stack of cards into 7 piles by looking at the headings on the top:
    • Intro cards with setup steps on them.
    • Player cards. These are personalities that players choose at the beginning of the game.
    • 5 chapters made up of puzzle cards (red and green) and answers that make up the Clue stash (blue cards).
  3. Each of the chapter piles has all the puzzle cards on top, followed by a Cover Card. When you reach this don't look at any of the cards underneath as they're the answers to the puzzles. E.g. for Chapter 1 pick up the top 9 cards which should leave the Cover Card on top.
  4. Bonus: Play some themed background music and sound effects using this site.

Now you're ready to play the game!

Tip: as you progress through the chapters read the scenario intros out loud so everyone can hear - they contain key information.


Start the Game

Chapter 1:

It's a takedown!

The United World Government has almost finished building their Warhead Antimatter Response (W.A.R.) facility. We can't let that happen.

In this treasonous mission, we must steal the Antimatter Warhead and rig the place to blow. The facility is guarded by state of the art Security Mechs so we've packed enough firepower to take them out.

How to solve puzzles:

Each of the 4 mechs can be eliminated by solving the corresponding puzzle on the green bullet cards. When you think you have an answer to a challenge check the cards in the Clue Stash for the matching answer.

For example, if you think an answer is DOROTHY you would grab that card from the blue cards in Chapter 1 (the Clue Stash) and see what is says. If you choose a card and get it wrong, there may be a penalty written on the bottom. As a group, you get to decide whether you're going to follow these and try to beat the time. Feel free to then pick another card after some discussion and further puzzle solving.

The astute of you will have noticed that you can in fact just reverse engineer the game this way. That's totally ok so long as your group's down with that.

If you get stuck and need a hint try one of these:

Chapter 1: It's a takedown

Chapter 2:

Sneaky Does It.

Boom headshot, boom headshot, boom headshot, booooom hheadddshooot! Those mechs never knew what hit them.

Now that it's safe to approach the facility we're gonna need to find a way in. We've got some engineers uniforms that should work as disguises but the ID check at the front door can't be tricked - we'll need to find the correct passphrase.

[Put aside the Chapter 1 cards and grab the Chapter 2 ones from the Clue Stash.]

Chapter 2: Sneaky does it

Chapter 3:


We’re in!

Let’s find a Penning Trap so we can steal the Antimatter. The lab's a mess but there has to be one around here somewhere.

[Put aside all cards from Chapter 2 and grab out the Chapter 3 ones from the Clue Stash]

Chapter 3: Entrapment

Chapter 4:

Pop Goes The...

We've got the antimatter so it's time to blow this joint. Rigging the self-destruct system, connected to the reactor, will do just fine.

Knox's had a look at the control board and worked out that if we pull out whichever two diodes are connected the self-destruct timer will begin. Looking over the layout he's convinced that R4 is one of them so we just need to find whichever one connects to it.

[Put aside the Chapter 3 cards and grab the Chapter 4 ones from the Clue Stash.]

[Players can open a high-resolution version of the circuit board on their phone by going to ]

We need to find which diode connects to R4

Chapter 5:

Mission Success!

As we repel down the side of the facility the Trigger SWAT can be heard approaching in choppers.


The shockwave knocks us to the ground but we manage to slip away.


Till freedom calls again...