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Lost mummy v2 tmb
Lost Mummy V2 title

At home Escape Room Kit

Dank tombs, spooky cobwebs, looming mummies... it's the perfect kids Halloween adventure!

This kids escape room kit will transform your next Halloween party, birthday, family fun day, or classroom, into an exciting Egyptian adventure!

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1: Download the kit for 10-13 year-olds

Printer decal

2: Print it out anywhere

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3: Carefree fun for 2+ players

It comes with every puzzling artifact you'll need and can be setup in less than 20 minutes. Get ready for an adventure!

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What Is The Lost Mummy Play-At-Home Escape Room Kit?


The Lost Mummy Escape room Kit is a ready-to-play entertainment pack that transforms your living room or classroom into a DIY escape room.

It's all the fun of an adults escape room but crafted to engage 10-13-year-old kids with puzzles they can engage with and a storyline that will ignite their imagination.

In this world, your kids will race in teams of 2-4 to unlock the mysteries of the mummies tomb and hopefully escape in time. You can have any number of teams by simply printing out the game once per team, and if your students are playing at home they can print in safety.

Will your kids escape?

Your Kids Will Love The Theme


As an explorer, you've always dreamed of adventuring through Egypt. It’s where your great grandfather, Howard Carter, discovered the remains of the ancient pharaoh Tutankhamen.

But he had a secret.

Something he never told anyone other than you.

He believed there was another tomb connected to the first. A hidden tomb. A Lost Mummy. 

That's what you've spent years preparing for, and now it's your chance to find it! While the boat ride to Egypt took forever, you've finally set foot on dusty sand ready to unearth this mystery.

Here's Why It's The Play-at-Home Experience Of The Year

whats included in the escape kit

Saves you time. It's all done for you.

The ready to play game comes with everything you need to have your kids enjoying carefree fun in under 30 mins

Money back guarantee pig

Saves you $$$. Hours of fun.

The entire DIY escape game kit costs less than one ticket to an escape room. That means everyone can play!


More Fun Than Their Phones.

Phones are yesterday's fun. What your kids want to something engaging that lights up their imagination.

Bonuses You Get Inside Your $29 Escape Room Kit

Posters and invites mummy

Posters & Invitations For Easy Planning

Theming your room is easy with a stack of Egyptian themed party posters and invites. Check out what this mum did!

Easy To Follow Setup Instructions

You'll never get stuck with the super-simple Setup Guide and friendly customer support every step of the way. 

Music playlist

Matching Music Playlist

The themed Spotify playlist will have your kids feeling like they’re starring in their own Indiana Jones sequel.

You'll Also Get These Free Perks

Refund guarantee stamp

Risk Free Refund Guarantee

If you don’t love your DIY escape kit we'll send you a full refund. No questions asked!

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There's A Person Here to Help

After all, that's how things should be. Just drop us a question via email or Facebook.

Earth friendly game

Earth Friendly. Always.

Since you just print what you need, there's no wasted packaging or postage. Go you!

You, Or Your Kids, Can Even Edit The Game!

Editing the escape kit in powerpoint

Before printing, you can jump into our 'click and drag' Game Editor and customize anything you like. This gives you the chance to make your own escape room while skipping the grunt work.

For example, you can add some real-life combination locks or edit a birthday date into one of the puzzles. Check out how easy it is to modify the game.

If you're a teacher you can even set a team assignment where your students edit the game after playing it. Then they can send it to their other classmates to play together. This is the perfect stay-at-home classroom activity. Check out more in our Lost Mummy Classroom Kit.

And, You're Paying It Forward:

Thai girl

It's a tough time around the world right now, so 20% of the profit from your purchase will be donated to help kids and communities escape poverty. Woohoo!

This is an amazing conversation starter for your kids around their global impact.

Ready to unleash your inner tomb raider?

Purchase, print and party with The Lost Mummy escape room kit today for just $29.

Lost mummy v2 tmb

A complete kit with everything you need to host your own escape room challenge. All the grunt work has been done for you!  

Totally risk-free with a 100% money back guarantee.

Beginner-friendly, kid-compatible and adult-adored!

Are you a teacher?

Lost Mummy educational kit tmb 400x

Get the Lost Mummy Classroom Experience Kit to engage your students like never before.

You'll receive The Lost Mummy escape room kit PLUS the mystifying Egyptian curriculum kit.

Save $$ By Getting A Bundle!

We've thrown our best escape room games into themed boxes bursting with fun. This means you're about to have entertainment sorted for every upcoming anything.

Click the escape box below that suits you best and get ready to become the fun champ!


Kids Box

$49 Save 40%
  • 3 Escape Room Kits
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Escape Quest
  • Bonus Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

Halloween Box

$59 Save 50%
  • 4x escape room kits
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Envy
  • Escape Room Z
  • Haunting HALLOWEEN Posters
  • HALLOWEEN card game
  • Bonus Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

VIP Party Box

$99 Save Over 50%
  • 5x escape room kits
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Envy
  • Escape Room Z
  • Escape Quest
  • Bonus Treasure Map pack
  • HALLOWEEN card game
  • Haunting HALLOWEEN Posters
  • VIP early access to games
  • Lifetime FREE copies of all future games. Boom!
  • Show Me

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