Helping Kids Escape Poverty Every Time You Buy An Escape Kit

you’re about to help kids escape poverty


As you’re having fun escaping one of our games with your friends and family, a kid in rural Thailand will be one step closer to escaping the prison of poverty


Each escape room kit you purchase, Lock Paper Scissors donates $5 to Project Justice.

By purchasing an escape room, you’re helping disadvantaged children and youth escape human trafficking, poor education, and poverty.


What is Project Justice?

Project Justice is a not-for-profit organisation focused on 4 core values:


Children from being trafficked


Through Prosecutions


Precious Lives & Rebuild Futures


Exploited Children From Harm

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What buying an escape room supports

Project Justice is currently building an Agricultural Training Centre in Laos, where local families can learn skills and gain experience that’s needed for them to do in their own village. Giving the families the opportunity to earn a higher income, and fund their own children’s living and education costs, limiting the risk of exploitation.

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The founder of Lock Paper Scissors personally visited the areas that Project Justice assists, and was able to see first-hand just how important this organisation is to the community.


What are you waiting for?

Grab an escape room kit to help disadvantaged kids escape unfortunate situations.

Grab an escape room kit to help kids escape poverty. today:

A $5 donation is contributed to Project Justice's organisation everytime you buy an escape room kit.