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Magical DIY Escape Room Kits You Can Play Anyhere

Happy escape room gamers

Transform your Thanksgiving into a mysterious escape room using a ready-to-play game kit.

All of the fun. None of the stress.


Print & Party Anywhere


Setup In Just 20 Minutes


Saves You Time & Money


Why This Will Be Your Best Thanksgiving. Ever.

Running events is hard.

All the organising, food, drinks, invites, and entertainment feels about at difficult as riding a unicorn covered in butter while shaking a cocktail.

That's not how it should be. Running your event should be fun for both your guests and yourselfEspecially over Thanksgiving.

After all, it's your event ?

The secret to making that possible is adding a fun activity. This gives everyone something to do other than small talk and checking their phones. (Or running kids around on red cordial like a horde of Zombies).

That's where our DIY Escape Room Kits save the day with:

  • 1 hour of mysterious fun.
  • An enchanting theme to deck your place out.
  • Props and party invites to save you the hassle.
  • Themed background music to get the party started.

(Wait... what is an escape room?)

It's time you started enjoying party planning as much as your crew will enjoy being there. Just scroll down to choose the DIY Escape Room theme that seems the most fun to you.

Escape rooms outside?! Oh yeah! You can play anywhere - so there's no more excuses for boring outdoor parties.

Start By Choosing A Fun Theme

Family fun.

10-12 y/o.

2+ Players.

Mysterious Egyptian adventure that brings the past back to life!

Family fun.

9-12 y/0.

2+ Players

Enchanting quest with an infusion of fun, friendship, and teamwork.


Casual fun.

2+ Players

1920's Gatsby style murder mystery of debaucherous luxury


Very Hard.

2+ Players.

Comical Zombie thriller with a deadly splash of infectious z-virus


Casual Fun.

2+ Players

Treasonous mission that takes you on a daring adventure

Want help choosing? Need more details? Let us help!

These Exclusive Thanksgiving Extras Will Save You Stress


Take care of party decorations instantly with our printable (not to mention, editable) Thanksgiving posters and photobooth props.

You'll also get a bonus family activity checklist in the bundle, so the fun won't run out all November.

Just be quick, this seasonal style pack is available exclusively in our Thanksgiving Box (and VIP Box) deal. Once the holiday ends, this pack will be gone just as fast as your summer waistline!

Here's Our Best DIY Escape Kits:

Mysterious kids escape room kit that transforms your home into an ancient adventure! Just download and print the party kit and you're set for Thanksgiving fun.

lost-mummy-children-group-work-400x400 (2)
lost-mummy-children-victory-balloons-400x400 (2)
lost-mummy-children-solving-puzzles-400x400 (7)

Whisk your kids away on an enchanting escape room journey through the world of Frost this Thanksgiving. All you need to do is download, print, and set forth on a magical team adventure!


For a refined, but treacherous Thanksgiving. Easily transform any space into a 1920's Gatbsy style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained.

Posters pack envy
Complete Envy escape kit
Photo booth party props
Editing the DIY escape kit

Escape Room Z is a zombie-themed escape room kit that transforms your home into a nail-biting adventure.

It comes with everything you need to get your Thanksgiving adventure started FAST, including all -puzzles, posters, and room decorations. Just print & party!


Rebel Revolt is a treasonous Escape Room Kit that transforms your home into a daring adventure. Thanksgiving games, sorted - just print & party!


Escape Kits Are Also Perfect For Classrooms & Schools

Lost Mummy educational kit tmb 400x

Get the Lost Mummy Classroom Experience Kit to engage your students like never before.

You'll receive The Lost Mummy escape room kit PLUS the mystifying Egyptian curriculum kit.

How to Create Your Own Escape Room From Scratch

Padlock on scissors puzzle

While you can customize all of our escape kits many people love the idea of getting their hands dirty and making their own escape room from scratch.

That's awesome!

To get your there faster we've made epic how-to guides that brings together knowledge from creating 6 at-home escape kits.

Here's how to start making your own escape game:

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