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Grab endless fun for HALLOWEEN with our spooky party box of escape room kits and SAVE 60% I want the fun >

Instantly Transform Any Space into an Engaging Escape Room

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Ready-to-print Escape Room Kits that empower you to throw a party in minutes. All the fun. None of the work.

Printer decal

A Room + Printer is All You Need

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No More Bored Guests Sitting Around

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Secret Weapon For Any Party Or Group


Don't let just another ordinary party slip by...

Many people are turning up to parties feeling awkward - looking at their phones, engaging in mindless chit chats, putting up with crap food, standing around bored...

Why not let the people make the most out of the occasion and actually have some FUN? Let the Lock Paper Scissors' Escape Room Kits bring back the FUN people are desperately craving for and create memories that they will remember for life!

Start By Choosing A Fun Theme


Casual fun.

2+ Players

1920's Gatsby style murder mystery of debaucherous luxury.

Family Activity.

10-12 year olds.

2+ Players.

Mysterious Egyptian adventure that brings the past back to life!


Casual Fun.

2+ Players

Treasonous mission that takes you on a daring adventure.


Very Hard.

2+ Players.

Comical Zombie thriller with a splash of blood.

Here's How It Works:


Buy an Escape Room Kit Today

Or the all-inclusive bundle at $69 USD, 60% saving on individual purchases!


Print Out the Kit & Get Your Escape Room Ready in less than 30 mins

With our step-by-step guide a 10 year old can follow


Get Engaged in Hours of Fun & Party Like Never Before!

Be prepared for those priceless moments of bonding, problem solving and unstoppable laughs!

Choose Your Favorite Theme:

Easily transform any space into a 1920's Gatbsy style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained.

Posters pack envy
Complete Envy escape kit
Photo booth party props
Editing the DIY escape kit
lost-mummy-children-victory-balloons-400x400 (2)

Mysterious Kids Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Home Into An Ancient Adventure! Just Download And Print The Party Kit And You're Ready To Go.

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lost-mummy-children-party-cake-400x400 (1)
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Escape Room Z is a zombie-themed escape room kit that transforms your home into a nail-biting adventure.

It comes with everything you need to get your spooky on including all -puzzles, posters, and room decorations perfect for Halloween. Just print & party!


Rebel Revolt is a treasonous Escape Room Kit that transforms your home into a daring adventure. Just print & party!


They're Also Perfect For Classrooms And Stay-At-Home Student Learning

Get the Lost Mummy Classroom Experience Kit to engage your students like never before.

You'll receive The Lost Mummy escape room kit PLUS the mystifying Egyptian curriculum kit.

Or... Save Cash By Getting A Bundle!

We've thrown our best escape room games into themed boxes bursting with fun. This means you're about to have entertainment sorted for every upcoming anything.

Click the escape box below that suits you best and get ready to become the fun champ!

Kids escape room box
VIP escape room box

Kids Box

$49 Save 60%
  • 4x Escape Room Kits
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Escape Quest
  • Frost
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

Halloween Box

$49 Save 60%
  • 4x escape room kits
  • Envy
  • Escape Room Z
  • Lost Mummy
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Bonus: Extra Halloween Fan Games
  • Bonus: Skulls Card Game
  • Bonus: Halloween poster party pack
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

VIP Party Box

$99 Save Over 60%
  • 6x escape room kits
  • Envy
  • Lost Mummy
  • Escape Room Z
  • Rebel Revolt
  • Escape Quest
  • Frost
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Bonus: Skulls Card Game
  • Bonus: Halloween Pack
  • Bonus: Thanksgiving Pack
  • Bonus: Christmas Pack
  • VIP early access to games
  • Lifetime FREE copies of all future games. Boom!
  • Show Me

Don't be the dry party host who's only real talent is putting up balloons...


Get the LPS Escape Room Kits and become the ultimate party animal who knows how to have fun!

Our 24 hour support team are as commited as you to create party memories that will last forever, have as much fun as you can with our kits, or your money back.