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Mr Georges escape challenge house

Case File

Great. You've all arrived.

Play this video on a phone to the crew before starting your investigation.

How to solve puzzles.

  1. Solving puzzles in this escape room involves making lateral connectionsbetween clues or completing tasks like mazes.
  2. Start where any good investigator would - by looking at the evidence on the puzzle sheets. Some are easier to tackle than others, so try these to get a feel for how things work.
  3. Write your answers on the Mr. George's Obsessions chart. If you're not sure where an answer fits, keep solving other puzzles and use process of elimination. Agent Starr has left you an example.
  4. Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved - trust me it's super obvious.
  5. Once you've completed the obsession map, fill out the colored circles on the safe to see if you've got the correct passcode. If you do, turn over the Stop cover sheet to confirm ...
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