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How to Play & In-Game Hints

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I've kind of lost my... body!


You and your friends can hardly contain the excitement as the 100 Year Winter Faire is on today!

While wandering the woods following an enchanted map a mysterious Wisp whispers to you...

"My my my... you feel so familiar..." says the Wisp.

"Why that is I cannot say!? I awoke this morning with no memories ou body! Not that I mind all this flying around but I'm a little worried."

"The only flashbacks I have are from a Winter Faire, but that's not possible since the poster says that was 100 years ago..."

"Could I trouble you for help in piecing together who I am? Otherwise, I fear I may be lost like this forever..."

How to solve puzzles

  1. Résoudre les énigmes de cet Escape Game implique d'établir des liens latéraux entre des indices ou compléter des missions, comme des labyrinthes.
  2. Start where any good adventurer would - by looking at the clues on the puzzle cards. Some are easier to tackle than others, so check them all out to get a feel for how things work.
  3. Inscrivez vos réponses sur le Winter Feast sheet. If you're not sure where an answer fits, keep solving other puzzles and use the process of elimination.
  4. Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved. Each puzzle has just one way of solving it and finding the right word answer. The answer is usually a word or sometimes a two-word sentence.
  5. If you're really stuck, you'll find indices further down this page.
  6. Au fur et à mesure que vous remplissez le Winter Feast sheet, a single letter from each puzzle answer will combine along the Wisp Trail to form a final word.

P.s. don't forget to hit play on the custom background playlist.

Remember to Snap a Selfie!


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Show off your awesome escape room party by posting a review to our Facebook page. Or, you could even tag us on Instagram using our hashtag #lockpaperscissors.

And hey, if you use BoardGameGeek, could you drop us a rating to let us know how you liked it?

However you choose to share your adventure, we'll reward you with a magical 20% discount on your next game, just for being such an awe-inspiring member of the magical guild!

Feeling Stuck? Ask Your Wisp Friend For A Hint...

Feel a little stuck? Don't worry, your helpful little Wisp has a few ideas. Just tap the escape room puzzle you're tackling for some ideas.


Want To Play Again? Here, Try Another Game At A Discount:

If you liked Frost, you'll LOVE La momie perdue - the done-for-you escape room adventure kit that transforms your space into an ancient Egyptian mummy's tomb … complete with puzzling puzzles, mysterious messages, spooky stuff, and ancient organs!

Perfect for kids birthdays and events, or an accessible game suitable for all ages.

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Facebook Cover

Escape Room Kit Setup Guide


Your Journey Begins Here


You're going to prepare a magical quest of epic proportions for your kids. They'll love it!

But don't worry, we'll guide you through every step of the process. You don't even have to know the answers to the puzzles, so you can join in the fun yourself!

Your main job will be to:

Follow These Steps to Set Up the Game:

Step 1: Download and Print the Game

First, you will need to download the game file from your account, or from the download link we've emailed you.

After that, simply open and print the Frost.pdf file. You can choose to print it at home or take it to a professional printing service.

You should print the game on either US Letter-Size, or A4 paper.

While the game works just fine on standard paper, printing on thicker card (preferably 200gsm Satin paper) gives it a more satisfying, ice-magic feel.

How many copies do I print?

This adventure is designed to be played in teams of 4-5 players. This means that you can expand for a larger group just by printing out multiple copies of the game, and have them race each other for the finish! For example, for:

  • 2-4 players = print one copy of the game.
  • 6-10 players = print twice.
  • 11-15 players = print 3 times.
  • 16+ = simply divide the number of players you have by 4 (or 5) using the calculator on your phone.

OPTIONAL: Printing The Bonus Gear

Frost comes bundled with a lot of cool extra stuff you can use to really add an extra level of enchantment to your adventure.

Posters, props, decorations, popcorn cups, and a Facebook event cover for sharing over social can all be found in the 'Photobooth' folder in your game download.

Of course, these are optional extras, but going the extra mile does wonders for creating a truly immersive experience!



Open the Posters pdf, found in the Posters folder. You can separate what posters you want to print by typing in the page numbers you want to print, like so:

Alternatively, you can open the 'Editable Posters' PowerPoint file to create your own, customized versions of these posters. Just make sure you export as pdf before you print for the best results (video tutorial ici).

How to print selected slides

Wearable Photobooth Props and Extra Decorations

Dressing up with our photobooth props is the quickest way to become a brave princess or dashing adventurer. While the printable decorations included in the game kit make theming your room quick and easy.

You can find them by clicking into the 'Photobooth' folder, and then opening the 'Photo Booth Props' folder. The file is called Photo Booth Props.pdf.

You can print the props on standard paper just fine, but like the game, they look best on 200gsm Satin paper.


Facebook Cover & Event Description

We've bundled a themed Facebook event cover in there for you so you can share you magical escape room experience with everyone who is coming (who uses physical invitations nowadays anyways?).

If you don't want to go to the bother of writing your own, just copy-paste the event description below and edit the details:


Crank Up Some Enchanted Frost Background Music

Nothing adds magic like a good ol' fashioned live band of horn blowers, drummers, yodelers and dancers so ask around at the local village who can fill in for the day...


Mash the play button on this super enchanted background music playlist on Spotify.

P.s. we know you've heard every Frozen song a million times so we've kept these to a minimum and used the instrumental version. Yes, you can totally thank us now with a review on facebook ?

Music playlist

Step 2: Gather Supplies

Your players will need:

Feather Pen decal


Each player will need a pen to write with (have spares on standby... pens get lost...).

If you've decided to print on satin or gloss paper, you'll likely need felt-tip pens or permanent markers instead.

Thumb decal


Clear sticky-tape will be useful for a couple of the puzzles. However, you don't need to give each person a supply. Just one or two rolls in a central location will suffice.

Party hat decal


A number of the puzzles need to be cut out. So each team will need at least one pair of scissors. For younger players, you may want to consider cutting out the puzzles beforehand.

Step 3: Place the Escape Puzzles Around Your Room

Setting up the game is super easy. It can be as simple as just handing your players the game sheets, or as convoluted as transforming a room into a real-life escape room.

Regardless of what approach you take, your setup must achieve three things:

  • Deliver the game sheets to your players
  • Give your players access to the hints page (for when they're stuck).
  • Provide a 'shooting range' for the final snowball showdown.
Check out this epic birthday party for a perfect example of how you can set up the kit as an exciting escape room adventure!

1. Give each team a room-sized area. You could place each team in a separate room, or just divide them with 'unbreakable pixie string'.


2. Place the final puzzle in a central location in each room (so they know how many puzzles they're looking for).

While you're there, make sure to theme up the room with a few decorations!


3. Add theatrics! Hide the rest of the puzzles around the room.

Alternatively, place them in areas that 'make sense'. Such as taping the 'gate' puzzle to a door, or the 'cauldron' puzzle to a kitchen pot.

Wait, Where Can I Find the Answers?


No worries, all of the answers to every puzzle can be found on the hints page.

Your players can access this page during the game for hints and solutions (don't worry, it'll be obvious whether or not you've got the right answer, so you won't need to open the 'solution' to double-check your answer).

OPTIONAL STEP: Customize Your Adventure



Frost is designed to be totally thrilling without you needing to touch a thing.

However, for restless tinkerers out there, you can very easily edit the game to be exactly what you need it to be using the Designer's Kit.

Our entire game is built using PowerPoint. That's right, the Designer's Kit is a PowerPoint file. So if you're comfortable handling a Word document, you have all the skills you need to become an epic escape room designer!

Cliquez simplement sur le dossier Kit de conception folder, inside the game download, then open the Designers Kit.pptx file. For a full guide check out the Mod's page.

How to edit the game:

  1. Open the Designers Kit PowerPoint.
  2. Customize whatever you want using the included artwork or your own. Some great customization ideas include:
    1. Referring to the birthday child by name.
    2. Add the school, or holiday camp, name.
    3. Create puzzles around 'in' jokes or learning outcomes.

  3. Mix and match elements or combine with real-world props, such as padlocks. For example, 2 of the 3 challenges result in a 4 digit code so you can quickly add a combination lock.

OPTIONAL Step: Add Extra Magic With These Extras


Extend The Printouts

Some of the puzzle answers work great with a combination padlock or bike chain. E.g. one of the puzzles has the answer WOLF. Just confirm the letter based padlock you get can fit or change the puzzle answer using the Designers' Kit.

You can stick this puzzle on a box with a reward or another puzzle inside.


Posters and Invites

Print as many, or as few of these as you like:

  • Scene Posters: great for setting the mood in each room
  • Victory posters: for group selfies
  • Invites: print or share these directly on Facebook

If you'd like to get inspired check out how this mum transformed their entire house for their kids escape room birthday.


Get Additional Props

  • Stick the puzzle sheets in piles of fake snow.
  • Add Christmas decorations, trees, and turn the AC waaaay down.
  • Get small dollar-store fairy toys, so each child goes home with a memorable gift.
  • Grab some Frozen, fairy, princess, or 'adventure' wall stickers or other themed props.

Step 4: Begin the Game


It'll be up to you to 'read them in' to their adventure, so follow this basic script when the kids are ready to start:

  • Explain how escape rooms work. This is a new experience for most kids, and they will work better if they feel like they know what's going on. A good hook is asking if anyone's played a digital escape room game.
  • Read out the story intro in your most magical narrator voice. It's also at the top of the hints page, so you can have it ready on your phone.
  • Let each team choose a team name.
  • Players will enter their answers into the Solutions Card. Each answer will fit exactly into one of the boxes provided to help your crew know when they've got it correct. The answers will have many 'aha' moments because it's very obvious once a puzzle is done. For example, when random letters magically spell Pharoh they'll know they've crushed it.
  • (Optional) Teams can s'affronteront with the winning team finishing first, or play this 60-minute timer video on your phone.
  • (Optional) If they can't complete the game in time they'll need to drink a gross 'witches brew' in order to buy themselves more time before the memory disappears forever. Then give them a hint to get through. You can make 'witches brew' by blending M&M's, milk & ketchup into a smoothie. It looks gross but tastes ok and kids love this stuff.
  • They will need pens, scissors, glue/tape, and spare paper.
  • Get everyone hyped up and begin the game!

Open the hints page on your phone so you can give your crew the answers, and don't' forget to tap play the Theme Background Music.

How to run the escape game in a classroom or large group:

The best way to run Frost for a classroom, or large party, is a simultaneous race to finish first.

Just print out a copy of the game for every 4-6 players then follow these steps:

  1. Split the larger group into several teams of 4-6 kids that will race to finish first.
  2. Each group can play simultaneously.
  3. Hand out just the first challenge to each team, and get them to come to you with their answers. When they get it correct pass them the next challenge. This helps keep things in order and prevents confusion.
  4. Faites une big event out of revealing the winning team since this will be a highlight of the challenge.

1. Larger groups will need to be squeezed in a bit tighter. Give each team their own space (say, a kitchen table, two tables in a classroom, or the floor behind your couch).


2. Lay out the puzzle cards in a pile (or maybe a fun pattern, like a snowflake!). Place the pens, scissors and tape within easy reach.


3. Make sure the players have access to the hints page on their phone (or require them to come to you for a hint)

Want More Adventure?

If you liked Frost, you'll LOVE La momie perdue - the done-for-you escape room adventure kit that transforms your space into an ancient Egyptian mummy's tomb … complete with puzzling puzzles, mysterious messages, spooky stuff, and ancient organs!

Perfect for kids birthdays and events, or an accessible game suitable for all ages.

(Save $7 with coupon LETITGO)

Frost escape room kit title

Whisk your crew away on an enchanting escape room journey.

This DIY kit will transform your kids birthday party, family fun day, classroom, or summercamp, into a magical adventure.

Laptop decal

1: Download the kit for 8-10 year-olds

Printer decal

2: Print the game once for each team

Party hat decal

3: Play the magical game anywhere!


What Is The Frost Escape Room Kit?


Frost is a ready-to-play game pack that transforms your living room into a magical DIY escape room adventure.

This enchanting experience is crafted to delight 10-12-year-old kids, with puzzles that ignite their creativity and a whimsical story they will cherish unravelling.

In the world of Frost, your kids will race in teams of 2-4 to complete the trials of the Winter Faire, and uncover mysterious forgotten memories.

Any number of teams can play, just print the game multiple times.

The best part? You can play along too, as setup is entirely spoiler-free!

This Escape Theme Will Have Your Kids Spellbound...


You and your friends can hardly contain the excitement as the 100 Year Winter Faire is on today!

While wandering the woods following an enchanted map a mysterious Wisp whispers to you...

"My my my... you feel so familiar..." says the Wisp.

"Why that is I cannot say!? I awoke this morning with no memories ou body! Not that I mind all this flying around but I'm a little worried."

"The only flashbacks I have are from a Winter Faire, but that's not possible since the poster says that was 100 years ago..."

"Could I trouble you for help in piecing together who I am? Otherwise, I fear I may be lost like this forever..."

Gagnez du temps et de l'argent


Saves you stress. It's all done for you.

Just download, print and party. Done! This is a ready-to-play game that comes with everything you need to get started in under 30 mins.

Guarantee piggy bank

Saves you $$$. Family friendly.

The whole escape game kit costs less than one ticket to an escape room. So the whole family can play for a fraction of the cost!


More fun than the movies.

Put the screens away. We've lovingly master-crafted this game to spark your kids critical thinking and capture their imagination.

Bonus: You Also Get These Stylish Party Props To Theme Your Place Out Beautifully:


Ready-to-print Posters

Theme your party in an instant with our stash of printable posters (plus a Facebook invite photo).


Majestic Photo Booth Props

Let your inner princess go! Capture the magic with wearable jewelery and printable decorations.

Music playlist

Enchanted Music Playlist

The themed Spotify playlist will instantly transport your kids to a magical snowy wonderland.

Vous bénéficierez également de ces avantages gratuits :

Refund guarantee stamp

Garantie de remboursement sans risque

Not a fan? If you don't love the game, we'll refund your money. No questions asked!

speech-bubble-contact-square2 decal

Une personne est là pour vous aider

We've got your back. Just drop us a question via email ou Facebook.

Earth friendly game

Earth Friendly. Always.

Just print what you need. Zero plastic waste. Zero excess packaging. Go you!

You, Or Your Kids, Can Even Edit The Game!


Vous pouvez, par exemple, make the game your own. Just jump into our 'click and drag' Game Editor to customize anything you like. This way, you can make your own escape room while skipping the grunt work - we've done it for you!

For example, you can easily add some real-life combination locks by changing the puzzle answers to a 4-digit code.

Or, you could add the birthday girl's name (or maybe references to her favorite movies) into the puzzles.

Check out our mods page to see just how easy it is to edit our games.

Et, vous le payez pour une bonne cause :

Thai girl

Some kids don't get to play.

We can help.

So we will donate 20% of the profit from your purchase to help kids and communities escape poverty.

This is the perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about their global impact.

Here's What Other Parents Thought:

With 4.8 stars out of 5 on Facebook reviews you know you're in good company. Check out what other parents and players thought on our authentic reviews page.


Ready To Start The Magic?

Then download, print and party with the Frost escape room kit:

Frost escape kit tmb title

Une ready-to-play adventure with all you need to transform your home into the world of Frost.

Totally risk-free with a 100% money back guarantee. For real!

Beginner-friendly setup guides that are so easy your kids could set it up!

Ou... Économisez de l'argent en obtenant un pack !

We've thrown our best escape room games into themed boxes bursting with fun. This means you're about to have entertainment sorted for every upcoming anything.

Cliquez sur le pack Escape Game qui vous convient le mieux ci-dessous et préparez-vous à devenir le champion du fun !


Pack enfant

$49 Save 60%
  • 4x kits d'Escape Game
  • La momie perdue
  • Révolte Rebelle
  • Quête d'Évasion
  • Frost
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Montrez-moi

Christmas Box

$49 Save 60%
  • 4x escape room kits
  • Lueur d'Envie
  • Escape Room Z
  • La momie perdue
  • Révolte Rebelle
  • Bonus: Christmas Party Pack
  • Bonus: Skulls Card Game
  • Montrez-moi

Pack fête VIP

$99 Save Over 60%
  • 6x escape room kits
  • Lueur d'Envie
  • La momie perdue
  • Escape Room Z
  • Révolte Rebelle
  • Quête d'Évasion
  • Frost
  • All 5 Kids Educational Games
  • Bonus: Treasure Map pack
  • Bonus: Skulls Card Game
  • Bonus: Halloween Pack
  • Bonus: Thanksgiving Pack
  • Bonus: Christmas Pack
  • Un accès anticipé aux jeux VIP
  • Des copies GRATUITES à vie de tous les futurs jeux
  • Montrez-moi

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