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Your Kids Can Become Brilliant Game Designers

Engage your Kids as Escape Room Designers Using This Super Simple builders kit

You are invited!

1: Download the Kids Builders Kit

Typewriter printer decal

2: Print it out at home


3: Days of fun for your kids

Better Than Screens

Kids playing Lost Mummy

By empowering your kids to create an escape room game they'll have days of fun at their fingertips and have a chance to unleash their creativity without needing technology!

This kit is sure to engage them because it's based on our ready-to-play escape kits. Usually, these sell for $29 each and come with beautiful custom artwork, background music, and challenging puzzles.

We would love you to grab the free kit, share it with your friends and kids, and unleash some joy and creativity.

Simply drop your email in below to download the Kit.

"Days of fun for your kids in your back pocket"


Or, download the Escape Room Master Class for even MORE fun!

We've designed this Master Class to help you build an escape room game with your kids,