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Magical Escape Room Boxes That Unlock Your Party. Boom

All of the fun. None of the fuss.
Find The Best Escape Box For Me
Over 69,580 kits sold. Whoa.
4.8 Star rating on Facebook.
Print & play in just 20 minutes.
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Get ready to transform your party into a mysterious escape room. Simply print the kit, place the clues around your room, and you're ready to Gatsby.

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Find The Best Escape Box For Me

Start by choosing a party theme that suits your vibe. The printable kit will do the rest:
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Rebel revolt spy kit half
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Escape room z half
Escape Quest half
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DIY Escape Rooms Will Unlock Your Party.

The most important part of any party is the entertainment. It's what brings people together. It's what get us past the smalltalk to really connect.
Here's how
That's where our DIY escape room boxes take the stress out of party planning. They've been fun-tested by thousands of players so everyone's guaranteed to have a good time. (Want to know the story? Here's how we got started).

Literally, your party is guaranteed to be fun or we'll send you a full refund.

We're happy to do this because every time someone emails in for a refund we try to get to the bottom of the issue and then fix it in the game. No joke - one of our games is up to version #53.

This means you can rest easy and know that your crew's going to have a good time. Now that's a good feeling.

Each printable escape room box comes with:
    All the escape room puzzles needed for 1 hour of mysterious fun.
   Enchanting posters and photo booth props to theme your place and boost the mood.
   Party invites you can share on social media or hand out in person
   Themed background music to get the party started
   Red cordial that transforms any kids in the vicinity into a horde of zombies. Ok, this one's on you, but we've got you covered for the rest. 😀
See how other players did it

All of the Fun.
None of the Fuss.

You can be set up and playing in just 20 minutes. Woosh!
Got more time?
If you're in a rush then all the works been done for you. Every escape room puzzle, hint for stuck players, and victory poster is ready to go.

If you've got some time up your sleeve you can also use the kit to go full Gatsby mode. 

Why not try your hand at editing the game, adding your own escape game puzzles, decking your place out with custom decorations and theme booster. It's up to you how much effort you'd enjoy putting in.

Good job, ol' sport.
Check out the party this mom threw
Envy fits any group size

Fits Any Sized Party.

Since the escape room boxes are printable you can play them with any number of players. Just tap the Print button again.
You'll just need to print 1 copy of the game for every 4 players. They'll race in teams to finish first.

Here are some quick examples:
   • A house party of 12 would hit print 3 times.
   • A classroom of 24 would print it 6 times.
   • Or for a wedding of 110 people it's 27 copies.
   • A conference of 200 would use 50 printouts (this actually happened at a team building day!)   

Just divide the number of players by 4 and that's how many copies you'll need to print. You can even print a spare game in case some extras arrive ?
This teacher transformed their  entire classroom

Easy on the Hip Pocket.

For example: if you're going with a crew of 8 people you'll save over $250 using a printable escape room template. Now that's magic.
Show me
If you've ever been to an escape room with a group of friends, you'll be able to conjure up memories of hundreds of dollars teleporting out of your wallet.

So, what's the plan? Take a walk down to the dungeon to find some spare gold pieces? Or maybe learn a spell for a great parties at a reasonable price?

For those of us who don't have a dungeon, and aren't mages, we'll need a plan B. And here it is:
You can just use a print & play escape room for $29 + printing.

The printing is usually around $8 per team of 4 people. This inclues all the escape room puzzles and playable bits. If you also print the posters and photo booth props the overall cost will go up... but you'll still be saving hundreds of dollars.

Try the savings calculator
Save cash
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Your party is also totally risk free. If you and your crew don't love the adventure we'll send you a full refund.
Case closed.

Choose Your Escape Room Theme:

Envy escape room box half logo

Envy Murder Mystery

10,667 kits sold
4.9 Star rating
For ages 16+
A 1920's Gatsby style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained.
Explore the game

Lost Mummy

18,550 kits sold
4.9 Star rating
For ages 10-16
Get ready to unearth Egypt's ancient secrets as your crew investigates the mystery of the Lost Mummy.
But hold on... maybe some things are best left buried...
Explore the game
Lost mummy kit half
Rebel revolt spy kit half

Rebel Revolt Spy Mission

14,470 kits sold
4.8 Star rating
For ages 14+
It's treason time in the empire of lies!
Your crew of specialists will need their wits about them if there's any chance of breaking into the evil government's W.A.R. facility.
Explore the game

Escape Room Z

10,985 kits sold
4.8 Star rating
For ages 16+
This nail-biting adventure comes with enough 'Aghh' to get you through to your next adventure.
After all, your living room's about to be invaded by the living dead. What do they want? Your pizza of course...
Explore the game
Escape room z half
Frost escape box half

Magical Frost Box

4,634 kits sold
4.8 Star rating
For ages 8-12
Whisk your crew away on an enchanting escape room journey that'll captivate their imagination.
Explore the game

Time Travel Escape Quest

9,790 kits sold
4.7 Star rating
For ages 6-9
O no- we're stuck in the past! Or is this the future?
Work together to find hidden relics from each era and fix the T.I.M.E machine before that hungry dinosaur eats you for dinner.
Explore the game
Escape Quest half

These Kits are Always a Good Time

Are you new to this whole 'escape room' thing?

Don't worry, it all comes pretty naturally. You don't need any special knowledge, it's just about having a fun time!
I'm new, tell me more
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Searching for escape room puzzle ideas?

Are you foraging for escape room puzzle ideas to craft an exciting adventure? Bag the 63 best from this year's bountiful puzzle harvest:
Escape room puzzles

Need an escape room theme idea?

Bag a mysterious escape room theme from this curated colletion of inspiring tales. Go on, nab one.
Open the bag of themes
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Are you a teacher looking to engage your students?

Then check out these immersive edu-ventures we've made specifically for your classroom or homeschool activities.
Classroom kits

Making your own escape room from the ground up?

Then you've found the Designer's Blueprint you've heard whispered about from master Dwarfs crafters.
With it, you'll be creating your 1st escape room pronto.
Reveal the Designer's Blueprint
Make my first escape room kit

Make an escape room as a family

Captivate the whole family with this creative design challenge!
It comes with all the printable templates, puzzles, and props you need to get started easily. Now that's better than Tiktok.
Let's do this

Should I make my own escape room or use a print and play kit?

While you can customize all of our escape kits many people love the idea of getting their hands dirty and making their own escape room from scratch.
Here's the pros and cons.
Pros and Cons
While you can get a headstart designing your own escape room by simply customizing any of our escape boxes, many people love the idea of getting their hands dirty and making their own escape room from scratch.

The biggest drawback of doing this is that it's just going to take a loooong time.

Like 50 hours long.

But hey, it's totally awesome fun! So, if that's your thing here's how to speed up the process, avoid common pitfalls, and get an amazing result: 

   • Follow the Designer's Blueprint for every single step you need.
   • Forage for creative puzzles in this massive list.
   • Choose a wacky escape theme.
   • When you're ready, unlock advanced escape room design secrets.

Happy designing!
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