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Ultimate house party guide

5 Occasions That Deserve an Escape Room Experience for Max Epicness 

Looking for an excuse for a good time? These 5 events are begging for an at home escape room game...
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Shirley watson puzzle master
These occasions are fun by themselves... but you can mix in a dash of adventure, intrigue, and a whole lot of FUN by adding an escape room to the itinerary.

It's No Mystery - Escape Rooms Make Life Better!

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is already streaming on Netflix and has made many escape room enthusiasts curious to figure out newer ways to spruce up their at-home escape room game settings. We've watched Miles Bron inviting his friends for their yearly reunion, only to end up in an escape room mystery of a murder investigation (those who haven't watched, you're missing out!).

Wouldn't it be great if you could mix your next big event with an escape room challenge? Here's a list of 5 occasions that deserve an escape room experience for max epicness.


1. Leave the Office Early

Corporate team-building activities have become quite a big deal these days. And why wouldn't they, when they can help boost employee morale and hone problem-solving skills while having fun?

But your offsite doesn't have to be all dull and boring. We've got the perfect solution for you ? add a twist to your traditional team-building day by giving escape room home games a shot. Who said you couldn't make your office team-building experience more fun and maybe even a bit intense?

The benefits of using escape room challenges for team building are countless; from helping to improve communication, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, to giving everyone the opportunity to bond outside of the office.

Furthermore, escape room games don't just make the workday more fun, but they also enable the unlocking of new ideas and perspectives that can eventually help increase productivity.

You can elevate the experience by inviting special guests, as Miles Bron did in Glass Onion! **SPOILERS!!**


2. It's Your Birthday - So Party Like It's '99

Party time with Lost Mummy

Ah, the good old days! When all you had to worry about was having fun and playing board games. It doesn't have to be that way anymore!

Take your birthday parties to the next level by transforming them into an escape room challenge. We suggest having teams of two or four work together to complete the challenge in a limited amount of time. Whoever completes the challenge faster gets bragging rights ? if they can even remember what happened!

Imagine the fun and excitement that your guests will have as they try to solve puzzles, find clues, and eventually complete their mission. It doesn't matter if they solve the mystery or not; your friends will have a great time, and you'll get to make memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Mystery Date Night


Don't wait until the weekend to plan your special date night! Surprise your partner with a mystery escape room challenge ? mid-week. It doesn't have to be elaborate; just pick an escape room game kit, and you're good to go.

Who doesn't like to be surprised, right? And with our daily schedules, weekends look like they are slowly vanishing.

So, why not give your partner an escape room challenge as a surprise on any random day? It'll be fun, you'll get to spend quality time with each other, and it will be an experience you won't forget.

Every girl deserves a knight in shining armor, and every guy deserves a damsel in distress. So, why not add a twist to your regular date night by taking on an escape room challenge?

And if you're planning it for your man, remember how men want to feel like they're the hero! You can always add a few twists to your challenge, like setting it in a haunted house or making him find the way out of an ancient temple. Maybe an intimate dinner at the end would make it even more special.