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Smiling kids playing Lost Mummy

Bring in The Excitement - Turn a Classroom Into a Fun Learning Escape Room Activity

Wondering how to keep your students engaged? The Lost Mummy Classroom Kit is here to help.
Skip the guide and download the Student Escape Kit
Shirley watson puzzle master
Get ready for the most engaging classroom experience you've ever run. Yep, we're going to play an escape room in class!

We Know the Problem - Sometimes, Kids Just Aren't Interested

No matter how interesting you think, your lecture is, getting students to listen attentively for a full hour is never an easy feat. If you doubt us, feel free to ask Sheldon Copper. As knowledgeable as he was, even he couldn't keep his students engaged.

Oh wait, they were actually engaged. Though not in the way he thought. But rather on Twitter tweeting horrible things about him.

We know it can be challenging to keep students engaged in a classroom setting (unless, of course, you have a cage full of Cornish Pixies like Gilderoy Lockhart). That's why we created the perfect escape game kit to help you spice up your next lecture.

The Lost Mummy Classroom Escape Room Kit has been designed to turn any classroom into a fun learning escape room activity that can hold the attention of any student for a full hour. (Hermione Granger knows it all's included).

Interested in knowing more? Keep scrolling to find out.

Kids solving the Lost MUMMY

How Do I Turn My Classroom into A Fun Learning Space?

Escape room game at a school

There are probably many ways to achieve this. It's just that the chances of success are slim. For instance, you could try showing a movie or even inviting guest speakers? But what are the chances of you succeeding with those when countless teachers have failed in the past.

Unless you're planning on inviting a movie star like Tom Cruise, 007, or billionaire Elon Musk, chances are your students would sleep through the lecture. Or worse, boo the speaker before they even finish their introductory speech.

If only you had a magic wand and a book full of spells, maybe you could take a page out of the Hogwarts teacher's playbook. Sure, you can find various spell books online if you look hard enough. But what are the odds of you finding a real magic wand on eBay?

In this day and age, students want to be engaged and thrilled while learning.

They've been through enough boredom at home and watching you ramble on about Pythagoras' theorem won't just cut it for them.

Fortunately, our Kit salle de classe La momie perdue has been crafted to engage, entertain and educate your students simultaneously.

To get started, you will need to pop in an order or send us a carrier pigeon, and our friendly crew will have a kit transported to you in no time.

Once our classroom kit is in your possession, print out the game and transform your classroom into an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Don't worry; no real-life mummies there, but we have props and posters that can mimic any Egyptian tomb of your choice (King Tutankhamun's tomb included)

And the best part is that the Lost Mummy Kit comes equipped with educational activities that can keep your students immersed and engaged for the entire duration of the period.

Kids playing Lost Mummy

Skills The Lost Mummy Classroom Kit Can Teach Your Students


The Lost Mummy Kit does three things: engage, entertain and educate. Your students might not learn how to play quidditch like Harry Potter, but they will learn important lessons and critical skills needed to survive in the outside world.


By using our Lost Mummy Classroom Kit, students will learn:

  • Problem-solving: if you want your students to become the next MacGyver, don't bombard them with stodgy lectures. No, we're not saying they should all drop out of school. But rather, they need puzzles and educational exercises to help them develop the critical thinking skills needed to solve real-world problems.

  • Communication: if only Young Sheldon had access to our Lost Mummy Classroom Kit, maybe he wouldn't be such a dork. Our escape room classroom kit creates an avenue for students to break the ice, form new friendships and communicate as a team.

  • Teamwork: The Lost Mummy Escape Room Kit will help your students build much-needed teamwork skills by teaching them the importance of working together as a team. Trust us; it's almost impossible to build the blueprint for King Tutankhamun's tomb without seeking help from your teammate.
Kids working together to solve the Lost Mummy

Why The Lost Mummy Classroom Escape Room Kit?

Kids playing with the Lost Mummy pyramid puzzle

When last did students rave about your lectures for days? Or, more importantly, have you ever been the talk of the whole school?

And by talk of the whole school, we mean positively, not when students tweet about something embarrassing that happened to you (Shhhh, don't say this to Sheldon; we don't want him building a Death Star because of you).

Regardless of your answer, The Lost Mummy Kit is your chance to regain the love of students and parents alike. And also the envy of other teachers.

But apart from being the next Dumbledore of your school, here are other reasons you should use the Lost Mummy Kit for your next classroom activity.


Customizable Escape Room

Lost Mummy kit can be customized to suit different classes. Whether you have a maths class coming up or one of those long history lessons, our escape room classroom kit has got your back.

Even if you want to teach a class on dark arts, we have just the right materials to get you started. But don't go shouting "Wingardium Leviosa" at one of our props.

Because no matter how loud you shout, they just won't levitate. Unless you have a magic wand and real magic coursing through your veins, but what are the odds?

Edit the Lost Mummy with PowerPoint



What's more exciting than being able to reuse an escape game without paying extra for it? Yeah, you heard that right. You can reuse our Lost Mummy Escape Room Kit for as long as possible, year after year.

All you need to do is to print out what you need each time, and you'll be able to recreate the same fun experience in different classrooms. (P.S. Our feather-like props don't explode, so you have nothing to worry about)


Saves you time and effort

Like all downloadable teachers resources, a DIY Escape Room Kit saves you time (so you can keep your sanity). Trust me, making an escape room from scratch is at least 3 weekends of work, even when you have a goblin horde at your disposal...

The best kits for classrooms will allow you to:

  • Scalable: If you're wondering how to use an escape room kit for a large class. Don't sweat it, our escape room classroom kit is scalable enough to fit any classroom size, whether it's a private class of 4 or a soiree of 200+. All you need to do is click on reprint until everyone has a game sheet in their hands.

  • Easy to set up: We've done the hard work for you by designing the puzzles, posters, and props. All that's left is to download and print; no extra effort is required. Unless, of course, you're going for a Chamber of Secrets-like classroom. Even then, everything has been made easy for you.

  • Captivating: do you have a Hermoine know-it-all in your class? Or maybe, in your case, it's a kid that's constantly restless and on their phone? Don't fret; our escape room kit is designed to indulge any type of student (know-it-alls and jocks included).

  • Reduced cost: people say good things never come cheap, but our Lost Mummy Classroom Kit begs to differ. Hey, but what do we know?
Lost Mummy snake maze puzzle sheets

Saves you $$$

History Bundle tmb

Rather than breaking the class budget on one of those boring movies, why not use our Lost Mummy Kit to give your students an unforgettable escape room classroom experience?

You'll be delighted to find out that our Lost Mummy Kit costs way less than a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime. Twice the fun at less than half the price.

To quote Amy from the big bang theory, "Teaching is performance art. In the classroom paradigm, the teacher has the responsibility to communicate, as well as engage."

What better way to communicate and engage your students than with our prized Lost Mummy Escape Room Kit?

Smiling kids playing Lost Mummy

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