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Magical DIY Escape Room Kits You Can Play Anywhere

Transformez n'importe quel événement en un mystérieux Escape Game grâce à un kit de jeu prêt à l'emploi.

Tout le fun. Sans aucun stress.

Printer decal

Imprimez et faites la fête n'importe où

Party hat decal

Imprimez-le à la maison ou dans une imprimerie

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Gagnez du temps et de l'argent

review-kit-jen review-kit-andrew Explore our printable escape kits

Why This Will Be Your Best Event. Ever.

Running events is hard.

The secret to making that possible is adding a fun activity. This gives everyone something to do other than small talk and checking their phones. (Or running kids around on red cordial like a horde of Zombies).

That's where our DIY Escape Room Kits save the day with:

(Wait... what existe an escape room?)

It's time you started enjoying party planning as much as your crew will enjoy being there. Just scroll down to pick the DIY Escape Room kit that best fits you.

lost-mummy-children-victory-balloons-400x400 (5)
No more excuses for boring house parties! These escape kits slot in perfectly to any event - from your classy dinner party to your outdoor get-together.

Start By Choosing A Fun Theme

Famille :

10-12 ans

2+ Joueurs

Une mystérieuse aventure de momie égyptienne qui redonne vie à l'ancien temps !




2+ joueurs

Un jeu de meurtre mystérieux de luxe débauché de style Gatsby des années 1920.




2+ Joueurs

Un thriller comique de zombies avec une éclaboussure de sang infecté par un virus.


Famille :

9-12 ans

2+ joueurs

Une quête féerique avec une infusion de divertissement, de convivialité et de travail d'équipe.


Ados :


2+ joueurs

Une mission perfide qui vous entraînera dans une aventure audacieuse.


Want help choosing? Need more details? Let us help!

Use Our Kit Selector

Or, Make Your Own Game Together As A Family:


Captivate the whole family with this creative design challenge!

It comes with all the printable templates, puzzles, and props you need to get started easily.

masterclass-props-400x400 Check Out the Escape Room Master Class

Are You A Teacher?

Then check out these immersive games we've made specifically for your classroom or homeschool activities.

Math (x&÷).

6-7th grade.

Gripping treasure hunt adventure full of math and fun puzzles!

Math (x&÷).

7-9th grade.

Perfect for STEM. Links math to exciting real-world applications.

Mental math.

6-9th grade.

Rapid-fire math contest that students will want to play again!


6-9th grade.

Engaging worksheet that lets kids dream creatively as they learn.


7-9th grade.

Immersive activity that combines puzzles and the main idea skills.

review-classroom-lisa review-classroom-holly Explore The Educational Packs

Here's Our Best DIY Escape Kits:


Mysterious kids escape room kit that transforms your home into an ancient adventure! Just download and print the party kit and you're ready to go. The perfect challenge for 10-13 year olds.

lost-mummy-children-smiling-400x400 lost-mummy-pyramid6-400x400 lost-mummy-tripwire-game1-400x400 lost-mummy-printable-props3-400x400 Check out the Printable Escape Kit envy-escape-game-paper-puzzle2-decal-400x400

Easily transform any space into a 1920's Gatbsy style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained. Perfect for adult house parties or game nights.

envy-players-win-400x400 envy-escape-game-and-party-props2-400x400 envy-escape-game-maze-puzzle1-400x400 envy-party-props1-400x400 Check out the Printable Escape Kit escape-room-z-game-puzzles6-400x400

Escape Room Z est un kit d'Escape Game sur le thème des zombies qui transforme votre maison en une aventure à vous ronger les ongles.

It comes with everything you need to get your apocalyptic adventures started FAST, including all puzzles, posters, and room decorations. Just print & party!

zombies-player-smiling-400x400 escape-room-z-game-puzzles3-decal-400x400 escape-room-z-game-puzzles1-decal-400x400 escape-room-z-game-puzzles9-decal-400x400 Check out the Printable Escape Kit frost-escape-kit-game1-decal-400x400

Whisk your kids away on an enchanting escape room journey through the world of Frost. All you need to do is download, print, and set forth on a magical team adventure! A magical time for 8-10-year-olds.

review-frost-jerinda-picture frost-escape-kit-map-puzzle-decal-400x400 frost-escape-kit-posters3-400x400 frost-printable-jewelry-props1-decal-400x400 Check out the Printable Escape Kit rebel-revolt-escape-game-puzzles2-decal-400x400

Rebel Revolt is a treasonous Escape Room Kit that transforms your home into a daring adventure. Just print & party! Makes for a dastardly fun teen party.

rebel-revolt-players-solving-puzzles-1-400x400 rebel-revolt-escape-game-maze-puzzle2-decal-400x400 rebel-revolt-posters2-decal-400x400 rebel-revolt-escape-game-puzzles4-decal-400x400 Check out the Printable Escape Kit escape-quest-game-puzzles3-decal-400x400

Transform your kid's party into a time travel escape room adventure they'll never forget. Complete with party invites, room posters, complete 6 area escape room challenges and post-game party activities.

escape-quest-printable-invitations5-decal-400x400 escape-quest-printable-posters6-decal-400x400 escape-quest-game-puzzles5-decal-400x400 escape-quest-printable-posters4-400x400 Check out the Printable Escape Kit

Avis des joueurs :

review-escape-room-z-blaire review-envy-michael

Les kits d'Escape Game sont également parfaits pour les salles de classe

Lost Mummy educational kit tmb 400x

Obtenez le kit La momie perdue salle de classe pour faire participer vos élèves comme jamais auparavant.

Vous recevrez le kit d'Escape Game La momie perdue PLUS le mystérieux kit pédagogique égyptien.

Check out the Classroom Kit

Comment créer votre propre Escape Game à partir de rien

Padlock on scissors puzzle
Trust me, we know what we're doing.
We invented the first printable escape room kits, and were the first printable escape games on the market back in June, 2017. (Oh, you need proof do you? Fair point...)
Years later, and we're still making the best games in the world!

Bien que vous puissiez personnaliser tous nos kits d'Escape Game, de nombreuses personnes aiment l'idée de créer leur propre Escape Game à partir de rien.

C'est génial !

To get you there faster we've made epic how-to guides that brings together knowledge from creating 6 at-home escape kits.

Voici comment créer votre propre Escape Game :

Open The Design Blueprint

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