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Hints & Quest Guide

Step by step instructions for guiding your crew successfully through the Escape Quest Escape Room kit.
Kids Escape Quest puzzles

How the Game Works

Kids Escape Quest posters
To finish the Escape Quest, players will complete 6 quests. This involves scavenging for clues and solving puzzles.

The beginning of each Quest explains what needs to be done. As the crew leader, you will guide the team through the game by reading out loud the story and following the instructions.

When players have found the quest items, you will give them the indicated card in return. For example, when all 5 objects from the first quest are found, players receive the Fire card.
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Quest 1: Bored Dinosaur


In this quest, players must hunt for 5 items so they can make a fire and cook a meal (easy).

Read out this intro:

You awake in an ancient forest with a small village nearby. How did you get here?

Nervously, you approach the village and ask the chief where you are. He grunts, ?Welcome to Boredom Village.?

It turns out that the only food he has to eat is raw broccoli ? Gosh!

Maybe you could make fire and cook something yummy. First, you?ll need to find 5 items:


Show the kids the silhouettes on the Quest Goal card, so they know what they're looking for.

The kids then hunt for these 5 cards around the room:


Once they find all 5 items, give the crew the Fire card, and read this next part of the storyline out loud:

The villagers love the meal and say thanks by giving you a glowing gem and a strange device. The device has some words written on it: ?Temporal Instrument of Many Eras?. What could that mean?

Hand players the Glowing Gem and updated T.I.M.E. Machine cards. Then narrate:

Suddenly, the glowing gem jumps into the device like a magnet and it starts humming. As the noise grows louder, you hear someone yell:

Run! It's a DINOSAUR!

Then everything goes white ?

Lead players to the Incan Chocolate room, for Quest 2.

Quest 2: Incan Chocolate


In this quest, players will make chocolate by combining many items in a recipe (easy).

Waking up beside a large lake, you remember the dinosaur. Gulp ? You?re stuck in the past!

The strange device must be a T.I.M.E. Machine! It?s broken so you?ll need to find the 5 missing parts to get home. The first step is to make some chocolate fuel to power the machine. The ingredients must be around here somewhere?


Show the kids the silhouette card, so they know what they're looking for.

Give out the reward cards, from the recipe, as the kids complete each set. Add your own flavor like:

Wow, those green leaves sure make a lot of smoke! What could we use that for?


Once they've found all the items and 'made' the chocolate, narrate with an excited voice:

After chopping, mixing, and cooking all the honey, milk, and cocoa, you?ve made the world?s first chocolate! Epic!

Give players the Chocolate et des T.I.M.E. Machine cards. (Or, you could use a real chocolate instead!)

You cautiously place some chocolate in the T.I.M.E. Machine and it hums loudly once again. Hold on!

Lead players to the Locked Treasure room for Quest 3.

Quest 3: Locked Treasure


In this quest, players will deduce a 3 digit code to unlock a box (medium difficulty).

After the humming stops, you awake in a dark room. As your eyes adjust, you can hear the sound of marching in the streets outside ? it?s Roman soldiers! Let?s find another part for the T.I.M.E. Machine before they find us!


Show the kids the silhouettes on the Quest Goal card, so they know they're trying to work out a 3 digit code.

The numbers are written on hidden objects, and the scroll shows the correct order as:



Update the story when players work the code out:

As you rummage through the locked box, you find some old socks, Brutus? dagger, and a wax seal. None of this seems very useful. But then, the end of the wax seal gets sucked into the T.I.M.E. Machine and that familiar humming returns ?

Give players the Wax Seal and updated T.I.M.E. Machine. Lead players to the Get Arty room for Quest 4.

Quest 4: Get Arty


In this quest, players will bring a canvas painting to life using a magic potion (hard difficulty).

This time you awake in the messiest room you?ve ever seen. With brushes and paint everywhere you?re not sure how you?ll find the next part for the T.I.M.E. Machine.

Better start exploring!


Show the kids the silhouettes on the Quest Goal card, so they know they're trying to find the puzzle pieces and potion.

Once players complete the jigsaw puzzle, explain that they've done a painting:

Since you're not sure what to do next, you take a break and enjoy painting an artwork. Upon admiring your work you notice a strange mark appear in the corner. It looks like some kind of potion.

What could that mean?


Once players complete the jigsaw puzzle, and find the other items, use your best narrator voice to update the story:

When you pour the magical talking potion onto the painting it starts to shimmer...

"Hello," says the painting in a beautiful European accent.

"It's been so long since I've had a chance to talk to someone", it goes on to say. "What are you looking for, darlings?"

*Turn to the kids expecting them to say that they're after the key. When they do continue*

"I have just the thing," says the painting, "It's inside one of these books. Use those playing cards to work out which page it's hidden in."

When the kids find it narrate:

Your heart beats quickly as the key turns inside the T.I.M.E. Machine. A robotic voice announces:

?Beginning transportation to alternate reality.?

Lead players to the Steampunked room for Quest 5.

Quest 5: Steampunked!


In this quest, players will construct a Tesla gun to open a sealed box (easy).

Rattle, rattle, rattle ? Rattle, rattle, rattle.

You awake on a steam-powered train in a steampunk world, unlike anything you?ve ever imagined. A yellow haze fills the air, and strange devices surround you. You know that getting home is more important than ever.


Show the kids the silhouettes on the Quest Goal card, so they know they're trying to find the cartridge and locked box.

Once they have completed the gun, give them the card and narrate:

Holding your breath, you cautiously fire the Tesla gun at the D.R.I.L. box.


Sounds the box as the force field is disabled, revealing a warm superconductor inside.

Give players the Warm Superconductor card, and updated T.I.M.E. Machine then continue:

With fingers crossed you place the warm superconductor in the device.

?Beep. Beep. Beep. Fast forward activated,? it says, and your vision turns white...

Lead players to the Future Hacker room for Quest 6.

Quest 6: Future Hacker


In this quest, players will activate an AI to collect the final piece of the T.I.M.E. Machine (hard).

Boing ? clash ? BOOM!

This trip was different. Very different. Your stomach feels like it?s turned upside down and the bright lights are still spinning around your head. You?re in a completely white room with no windows and minimal furniture. What is this? And when will you get home?


Once players find the Power Cable and Future Tech Device give them the Racoon Artificial Intelligence and say:

"LOLs, nice 2 meet u. Haven't hand many time travelers com by in a while. Well, come to think of it I'm not sure how long I've been out of charge for..."

"Anyway, if you're like the rest of the 'travelers' then I'm sure you want to get home. I *could* help you, if I wasn't hungry. Bring me the right food, in the correct order, and I'll lend a hand... or at least unlock that box for you."


The kids will need to find the food items, and make the connection between the number of sides on each piece and the numbers on the clock.

If they've found the food, but not worked the order out from the clock, use your best Racoon voice to say:

"That food looks yummy, but I need it in the correct order."

The correct order is: Circle, Square, Triangle, Hexagon.


Once the team works this out, narrate:

After a lengthy debate with the Artificial Raccoon, she opens the super lock. Epic! You now have all 6 missing parts to the T.I.M.E. Machine.

As you cautiously pour in the Time Juice, the machine says:

?Time controller fixed. Activate ?Take Me Home? protocol.?


Bravo !
*celebrate* Quête d'Évasion completed, with all crew members returning home safe and sound!

Distribute victory badges for winning the game. Optionally do the After the Game Activites.

The End!

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Kids working together to solve the Lost Mummy

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