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I've kind of lost my... body!

Frost kids escape room game sheets
Frost escape room kit party posters

You and your friends can hardly contain your excitement as the 100 Year Winter Faire is on today!

While wandering the woods following an enchanted map a mysterious Wisp whispers to you...

"My my my... you feel so familiar..." says the Wisp.

"Why that is I cannot say!? I awoke this morning with no memories or body! Not that I mind all this flying around but I'm a little worried."

"The only flashbacks I have are from a Winter Faire, but that's not possible since the poster says that was 100 years ago..."

"Could I trouble you for help in piecing together who I am? Otherwise, I fear I may be lost like this forever..."

Comment résoudre les énigmes


  1. Résoudre les énigmes de cet Escape Game implique d'établir des liens latéraux entre des indices ou compléter des missions, comme des labyrinthes.

  2. Start where any good adventurer would ? by looking at the clues on the puzzle cards. Some are easier to tackle than others, so check them all out to get a feel for how things work.

  3. Inscrivez vos réponses sur le Winter Feast sheet. If you're not sure where an answer fits, keep solving other puzzles and use the process of elimination.

  4. Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved. Each puzzle has just one way of solving it and finding the right word answer. The answer is usually a word or sometimes a two-word sentence.

  5. If you're really stuck, you'll find indices further down this page.

  6. Au fur et à mesure que vous remplissez le Winter Feast sheet, a single letter from each puzzle answer will combine along the Wisp Trail to form a final word.

P.s. don't forget to hit play on the custom background playlist.

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Hints from your Wisp Friend

Feel a little stuck? Don't worry, your helpful little Wisp has a few ideas. Just tap the escape room puzzle you're tackling for some ideas.
Frost hints maze


There are three maze sections, but how do they align together? I can see four fold lines, that should help align the maze.

Where to start? I can see a circle with "Start" labelled, near the village.

I can move up or down, left or right to go through the maze, collecting letters and making a sentence as I go.

Maybe the sentences made can tell me which animal token to use?


There are three paths to the maze. Each one creates a sentence:


From the sentences we can see that the WOLF animal token is correct.
Frost hints gate


We need to enter the fair gate -
There are seven animals, but which one is correct?
The three clues mention the different animals and to connect them.
Maybe drawing straight lines for each animal pair works - connecting them up.
But what animal is left?


Acorns are most mischievous:
Squirrel is holding an acorn.
Ferret is laughing playfully.

A nest burrows swiftly:
The bird?s nest.
The rabbit is digging.

Pecking protects a good laugh:
The raven is pecking.
The owl is laughing joyfully.

Connecting up each pair with a straight line, we see all three lines intersect with the WOLF. This links up with the Forest Maze Map and the Wolf token needed to enter the fair.

Frost hints reindeer


Lets start by cutting out each of the sections.

The reindeer has been helping us through the forest, and needs a good clean.

Match each of the sections to the correct place on the reindeer to help form how she is feeling.

There are three sections that need ordering -> what sequence is natural?


Bucket -> Soap -> Towel
Pasting the different deer sections in order from head to toe, we get:
Frost hints road merchant


Let's win one of the three prizes!

There is an Earring, Necklace and Bracelet to win. Finnigan has a maths puzzle
to solve, before we know which is the correct prize.

Try writing down each item and the formula required to figure out its cost.

Then add up all of the items! Looks like it is the total outfit price divided by three.


The formula is as follows:
Price = Total / 3
Shoes = 5
Tiara = Shoes + 5
Handbags = Tiara / 2
Dress = Handbag + Hat
Hat = Shoes * 2

This gives us the following values:
Price = Total / 3
Shoes = 5
Tiara = 5 + 5
Handbags = 10 / 2
Dress = 5 + 10
Hat = 5 * 2
Total Price = 5 + 10 + 5 + 15 + 10 = 45
45 / 3  = Necklace price

Bracelet: 9

Earrings: 18



We need to open the magic chest - let's decypher the riddle speech by the Tree Sisters.

The first word - ubuoulutu - maybe I should cross out the extra letter?
The other two speech bubbles have duplicate letters as well, I should also cross those out.


The first speech bubble needs the letter "o" crossed out.
The first two letters are u and n.

The second bubble needs the letter "e" crossed out.
The last two letters are e and d.

The middle phrase is u b u o l u t u which makes bolt.

Putting it together we get UNBOLTED.
Frost hints chest


Time to cut out and start building!

There are circles for letters on the chest ? are there circles on one of the other pages?

The ice padlock is found somewhere else - it should help with alignment.


After constructing the chest, place it on the Answer sheet/Night time Feast page.

The ice padlock shows you the correct way to place the chest. This then aligns the circles to put in the answer.

The answer comes from the Tree Cypher puzzle ? UNBOLTED.
Frost hints runestone


The runestones aren't a puzzle - instead it is a convenient way to write your own text cypher.

For each letter, design and draw your own secret design - it could be based on another language or your own symbols.

Write your message to your friends in the middle section. You could even cut out the four stone sections along the blue cracks - and then hide them around the house for a game to solve.


Time to cook up the feast!

There is one secret ingredient left to add - but which is it?

There are 7 ingredients in the kitchen, and the riddle clues mention 6.

I should match up the clue for each ingredient and cross them off as I go.


There is one ingredient to be identified, that isn?t mentioned in the list.

Crying Layers = Onion
Rhymes with Toil = Oil
See-in-the-dark = Carrots
Full-Course-Carbs = Potatoes
Garnish grown in the garden = Parsley
Melted = Butter
The last ingredient is the FLOWER.
Frost hints ice sculpture


Time to do some ice sculpture!

Cut out each of the ice block sections. How do they go together?
Each ice block section matches the size of another, they must overlap.

There is a secret message hidden along the red sash of the completed sculputre.


Reading from the start of the red sash, we get:
Frost hints cauldron


Time to get out the scissors and cut out the cauldron sections.

The fire section makes a cauldron-like cylinder. I should paste it on top of the fire cauldron on the Answer sheet.

A sentence is formed when the sections are aligned correctly.


Cut out the cauldron pieces and align them on the feast answer sheet.

We get the letters like this:
F ? E A ? S T T ? I M ? E



The wisp trail is circling a single letter from each of the puzzle answers.

The large circles must be the first letter from each of the words.

I need to fill out each of the 7 puzzle answers and then follow the Wisp trail in order to find out the final word.




The girl is talking to a wisp - which we now know is a dragon and used to be friends with the great grandmother of our hero.
By figuring out the final identity of the wisp, we discover that the girl is the Daughter of Dragons!

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