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How to Face Your Escape Room Fears

Feeling intimidated by the thought of going to an escape room? Then why not try a mystery escape room at home? It's the perfect solution to build up your confidence!
Or, looking to spice up your upcoming Christmas party?
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Don't worry,  this will be fine. By immersing yourself in an escape game at home, you can face your fears head-on in a safe, fun way.

Let's Start Slow

Snakes, darkness, heights, closed spaces - we all have our fears. In fact, even the greatest superheroes had their arch-nemesis. But when do these fears become phobias? And is there a way to tackle them in an exciting and thrilling way?

A mystery escape room is the perfect solution! By immersing yourself in a mystery game, you can face your fears head-on.

You'll be placed in a mystery room with multiple puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome. You'll get the chance to team up with your friends or family and take on the challenges together.

Now, this may sound easier said than done. After all, facing your fears can be an intimidating and difficult task. However, mystery escape rooms are designed to make it fun and rewarding. You'll be able to build yourself up and gain confidence in overcoming obstacles. Plus, the mystery escape room will have multiple levels of difficulty, so you can start easy and work your way up.

Enough of the theoretical stuff. Let's get down to brass tacks.

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Are Mystery Escape Rooms Scary?


Movies and TV shows like The Escape Room Movie and Saw/Jigsaw may give mystery escape rooms an undeserved bad rap. In these movies, the villain traps his subjects against their will and forces them to try and escape a particular room or situation in order to live. However, mystery escape rooms are nothing like this.

In mystery escape rooms, you won't be locked in. If at any time you experience claustrophobia, you are able to leave as soon as you let an employee know. Furthermore, mystery escape rooms are designed to be fun and rewarding experiences, not scary ones.

Six Common Escape Room Fears

1. Claustrophobia in an Escape Room Game

It is normal to experience a feeling of claustrophobia while in mystery escape rooms. However, mystery escape rooms are designed to be open and spacious, with plenty of room to move around.

Plus, mystery escape rooms are not equipped with tight spaces that require you to squeeze and crawl through an obstacle course. If at any time you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you can simply leave the mystery room.

You can also design your own escape room games with our customizable mystery escape room options. This way, you can make sure that your escape room is tailored to your size and comfort level.


2. Handcuffs and Restraints

Contrary to popular belief, mystery escape rooms do not involve any form of restraints or handcuffs. You will never be restrained or handcuffed against your will or even at your request.