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Glory and riches await, join the Affiliates Guild!

Become an affiliate and get paid for sharing the thrill of epic escape parties. Join the Guild in three easy steps:
1: Sign up for free through ShareASale 
2: Link to our site
3: Get paid!

So... what's an affiliate then?

An affiliate is an awesome, super-cool adventurer that works alongside the Escape Wizards to bring fun puzzles to the world. Spoken of with quiet admiration, they are respected allies of the High Wizards and revered legends of the people!

More specifically, an affiliate is someone who partners with Lock Paper Scissors. They refer traffic and sales from their own website towards Lock Paper Scissors, and in return, receive a share of any purchase their visitors make.

How does this whole affiliate thing work?

It's simple.

As an affiliate, you will refer visitors from your website to ours using relevant links, blog posts, review articles, banners, or otherwise catchy ads.

For every person, goblin, elf, troll, or zombie referred from your website that purchases a kit, we will cut you in on 21% of the spoils!

So for every one of your visitors that purchases a kit, we pay you! This means you will want to direct as much traffic towards our website as possible.

Interested? Here's some more details
You get 21% commission on each sale referred from your website (average sale is $36)

ShareaSale automatically pays your commissions monthly.

ShareaSale has reliable accuracy  tracking on all of your hard-earned referrals.
Our sales are reliable. We have less than a 4% refund rate.

Wow, where can I sign up?

Getting started as part of our affiliate program is énigme fait-maison super facile., because we've partnered with ShareASale to give you the best affiliate experience possible. Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Sign up with ShareASale

You'll need to create a free ShareASale account so that you can apply for our program. Don't worry, it doesn't take long, and it costs you absolutely nothing!


Step 2: Apply to our program

There's a lot of options on ShareASale, but we're clearly the best