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Défi 1 :

It's a takedown

[Rae, since you're the crew leader for this challenge, take charge and:

  • Put away the intro cards.

  • Spread out the Challenge 1 cards so everyone can see them.

  • Read out the intro below aloud.

  • Lead your team.
Now, in your best voice:]

High Tech guard mechs block your approach to the W.A.R. Facility. Rae can use her sniper rifle to take them out, however, to make a shot this long she'll need to calibrate it first.

Work out the correct distance, temperature shift, and bullet caliber and check each answer below.

Tap Let's do this when you're ready to shoot.

Calibrate to a distance of:


Now work out the temperature shift et des bullet caliber.


Hmmm... not quite there.

If only there were landmarks we could measure and count...

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].

Adjust for temperature modifier:


Now you just need the distance