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Challenge 4:


[What's going on? Rae, you better take charge...]

UNAUTHORISED PERSONNEL DETECTED. Deploying intruder containment protocols.

[The lights go out.]

"It's pitch black! This wasn't in the plan, and what's that strange noise all around us?"

"Look out." Yells Zhar. "The floor's covered in stun mines!"

"How can you tell, it's totally dark in here?"

"What do you think these goggles are for? Fashion?!" Zhar snaps back.

[From here Zhar will need to take charge, set up the minigame below, and get the crew out of here. Fast.]

Stun Mine Mini Game

In this mini-game, the Rebel-Revolt crew will slip past stun mines blindfolded to escape the W.A.R. Facility:

  • Place the Stun Mines on the ground along a hallway, small area of the room, or around a door.

  • Blindfold all players except Zhar, to simulate the lights going out in The Facility. Optionally, players can remove their shoes so they can feel the stun mines.

  • Whichever player is Zhar will use their night vision goggles to see what's going on and isn't blindfolded.

  • The other team members move to one side of the stun mine field, then spins around a few times.

  • Zhar sets a 7-minute timer on their phone.

  • Zhar then guides the rest of the Révolte Rebelle crew past the stun mines just using their voice.
Each time a player steps on a Stun Mine the team will lose 10 points, so be careful. Take it slow, but don't go over time or the W.A.R. Facility will explode and you'll lose the game!