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Case File & Hints

Great. You've all arrived.

Play this video for your crew on a computer monitor, television, or phone before starting your investigation.

Text transcript of video

I have some very important information to share with you about imminent danger to myself and the community.

Please visit so we can discuss this face to face.

Mr George

Comment résoudre les énigmes

1. Solving puzzles in this escape room involves making lateral connections between clues or completing tasks like mazes.

2. Start where any good investigator would ? by looking at the evidence on the puzzle sheets. Some are easier to tackle than others, so check them all out to get a feel for how things work. You'll find indices plus bas sur cette page si vous êtes bloqué.

3. Write your answers on the Mr. George's Obsessions chart. If you're not sure where an answer fits, keep solving other puzzles and use process of elimination. Agent Starr has left you an example.

4. Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved - trust me it's super obvious.

5. Once you've completed the obsession map, fill out the colored circles on the safe to see if you've got the correct passcode. If you do, turn over the Stop cover sheet to confirm ...


You'll never be stuck.

Every puzzle has plenty of hints, including the full solution.

Find the puzzle you're stuck on below.


I'm sure you can find your way through, but what are those things along the way?


As you navigate through the maze, take note of the letters along the path. They should spell ENDEAVOR



Vous staring right at it.


Start by looking at the star in the background. Then follow the green jet stream with the 1st next to it until you reach a P. Then continue this in order for 2nd, 3rd, etc... to spell POLARIS.


Hint 1

Hmm ... the phone and laptop have the same key layout ...

Hint 2

A = 1, B = 2

No, no, no ...

A = A, B = B, just need to rotate this thing ...


Compare each key on the phone to the layout on the laptop keyboard. Each one corresponds to a symbol like one of those 1=A, 2=B style codes.

This will spell out 'dr astrid you must enter the three digit code and use rx'

Hint 1

The big and little stars are connected by color. What could the big ones be telling you?

Hint 2

Start at pink and climb upwards. Then head to brown and go right ...


Find the smaller stars that correspond with each of the larger ones and draw a line in the direction(s) indicated. For example, a yellow star requires you to go down and right like the start of the C on the base puzzle. At the end, it will spell CYGNUS.


Hint 1

If you cut out the yellow circle, it looks like it could be placed on the telescope ... but how?

Hint 2

One Mississippi, two Mississippi ...


Cut out the circle at the bottom and align the G with the 1 on the telescope. Then follow the number sequence to spell GALILEO.

Hint 1

Numbers are ordinarily a sequence. What could they connect to?

Hint 2

The arrangement of those stars looks like it matches the layout of something else in this puzzle ...


Each of the planets around the sun matches one of the colored letters on a book. Follow them in the number order to spell SUPERNOVA.

Hint 1

The 5th word can be seen in the picture. Try and rearrange the rest as well.


These are all household items. When solved they are:

    1. Paper
    2. Water
    3. Straw
    4. Bottle
    5. Scissors
    6. Tape
    7. Ball
    8. Pencil
    9. Wire

Which makes AEROSPACE.

Hint 1

After cutting out the postcard, how could you 'send' the corners somewhere?

Hint 2

4 corners. 4 yellow angles. What're the destinations?


This folding puzzle requires you to connect the clue Send each corner to a yellow destination and reach the moon with each corner of the cutout postcard. Fold these into the corresponding corner, and the only letters completely uncovered will be CHARON.


Hint 1

How many of each item appear in this puzzle?

Hint 2

There are 8 buildings and 8 ...


The buildings are a spatial overlay for the number of sightings. The tallest one corresponds to TISDALE.


Hint 1

Top sheet in the top left shows that the board game is made up of coordinate squares. What's the arrangement?

Hint 2

Orange and green have 2 attack options each. But 1 move is the same.

Hint 3

Cross out where the enemy attacks ? after all, it's gone.


This is the hardest puzzle in the game!

  • Top left sheet shows that the board game is made up of coordinate squares.
  • The sheet on the top right shows that 'obliterate' is all squares around a coordinate, but that 'vaporize' is different for orange and green.
  • Go through the list of turns and cross out which squares they'd take out.
  • You'll be left with INVADERS.

Hint 1

Need to eliminate the wrong planets somehow ...
Are those numbers in a sequence? What could you do with them?

Hint 2

What's that movie called? Dumb and Denser?

And that quote ... how's it go ...

'Add a step forward, subtract a step back'


Each of the descriptions should eliminate 1 or more planets until only 1 is left.

  • Green crosses have more than one moon. Work this out by starting with Earth which has 1 moon. Then:
    • Subtract 1 moon to find that Venus has 0 moons.
    • Add 62 moons to find Saturn has 62 moons.
    • Add 7 moons to find Jupiter has 69 moons
    • Subtract 67 moons to find that Mars has 2 moons.
    • Add 25 to find Uranus has 27 moons.
    • Subtract 27 to find Mercury has 0 moons.
    • Add 14 to find Neptune has 14 moons.
  • Red cross is earth, which is the densest/dumbest plant.
  • Blue cross is Venus, which is shaped like a heart.
This leaves MERCURY.

Safe Combination

Filling out the obsession map and writing the correct colored letters onto the safe will spell THREE NINES.


All Solutions

Here's the complete obsession map.Tap here to open a big version in a new window.


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