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Party Like Gatsby by Grabbing 6 Magical Escape Room Kits in One Big Bundle!

PLUS: You'll get every game we ever make for FREE, and stacks of extras like our kids educational games, Halloween party packs & holiday games. Epic!

Just $99 (Save Over 60%)

USD $ 99

You'll Get All 6 Escape Games:

Make your next party unforgettable by treating your family to a veritable feast of thrilling escape room games. You'll find a game that everyone will adore, from your little princesses to stubborn old Grandpa Joe. Plus, you get all 5 of our kids educational games, a bonus printable Pack de cartes de chasse au trésor,, a Seasonal Poster/Prop Packs, and instant access to all the coolest stuff we're ever going to release!

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Escape Quest Tmb

And You Get The Escape Room Master Class

Captivate the whole family with this engaging escape room design challenge. Comes with all the quick-start templates you need to make game design simple and fun!
Show Me the Master Class

AND You Get All 5 Worksheet Activities:

Transform your next lesson into a gripping educational experience! Each game is designed to captivate your students with creative puzzles, engaging storylines, and stunning visuals. Your kids will practice key curriculum-aligned skills, while also sharpening their creative problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities.


USD $ 99

Plus, Exclusive Seasonal Extras!

Never miss out! You have year-round access to every limited-time seasonal printable we make.
Explore the Seasonal Extras

Fun Tested By People Like You:

USD $ 99

Le pack vient avec ces jeux :

lost-mummy-edu-tmb (1) 1 (2)

La momie perdue

Kit de fête pour enfant | 10-13 ans
Ce mystérieux kit d'Escape Game pour enfant transforme votre maison en une aventure antique !

Parfait pour les fêtes d'enfants de 10 à 12 ans, les cours d'histoire en classe, les camps scolaires, les groupes de jeunes et les divertissements en famille. Il vient avec le jeu complet, des affiches, des cartes d'invitation à et un guide d'installation complet. La fête peut commencer !
lost-mummy-children-smiling-400x400 (1)

Lueur d'Envie

Fêtes à la maison et team building | Joueurs occasionnels
Ce kit d’Escape Game maison transformera n’importe quel espace en monde sombre et énigmatique de Lueur d'Envie ! Un jeu de meurtre mystérieux de luxe débauché et de querelles mortelles, de style Gatsby des années 1920.

Préparez-vous pour une nuit de gants de velours, maculés de sang.

Escape Room Z

Soirées et team-building | Difficile !
Les zombies veulent votre pizza ! Réunissez votre équipe pour sauver le dîner dans ce kit d'Escape Game hilarant.

Designed for a group of adults to either race the clock, or team up and compete for survival. Every puzzle, poster, and prop included. Warning: You will definitely want pizza.



Kids Party Kit | 8-10 Year Olds
Whisk your kids away on an enchanting escape room journey through the world of Frost.

The entire kit comes complete with everything you need to make your kids party or family game night unforgettable.  All you need to do is download, print, and set forth on a magical team adventure!
frost escape kit map
frost printable jewelries

Révolte Rebelle

Fêtes à la maison et team building | Joueurs occasionnels
Votre équipe réussira-t-elle à infiltrer le centre W.A.R. avant qu'il ne soit mis en ligne ? Découvrez-le dans ce kit d'Escape Game traître qui transforme votre maison en une aventure audacieuse.

Conçu comme un défi décontracté parfait pour les fêtes d'adolescents plus âgés et les soirée d'adultes.
rebel-revolt-escape-game-maze-puzzle2-decal-400x400-1 1
rebel-revolt-posters2-decal-400x400-1-150x150 1
rebel-revolt-escape-game-puzzles4-decal-400x400-1 1

Quête d'Évasion pour enfants

Escape Game fête d'enfant | 7-9 ans
Transformez la prochaine fête d'anniversaire de vos enfants en une aventure d'Escape Game de voyage dans le temps qu'ils n'oublieront jamais.

Avec des cartes d'invitation, des posters, des défis de 6 zones d'Escape Game et des activités d'après-jeu.

Escape Room Master Class

Creative Design Challenge | 10-13 Year Olds
Unleash your kids creativity by crafting an escape room game together! Game design combines critical thinking, creative expression, and team dynamics to fully engage your kids from the start.

This activity pack contains all of the hints, tips, and quick-start templates you need to make crafting your escape room game easy!

USD $ 99

PLUS these Exclusive Free Bonuses:

Year-Round Access to Seasonal Extras


Our seasonal poster and prop packs are a super-easy way to add that extra level of spook, pumpkin spice, or belly-shaking merriment that your holiday party needs.

Once the holiday passes, so does our seasonal style pack - anyone who didn't grab the poster/prop pack misses out. But not you!

As a VIP, you can download and print them any time you like. Christmas in July, anyone?

Our VIP Seasonal Style Pack Includes:

  • Spooktacular Halloween printables to instantly theme your party.
  • Charming Thanksgiving extras that will delight the whole family.
  • Fun Christmas goodies designed to make your holidays extra-magical.

Pack de cartes de chasse au trésor,


Ces 16 cartes au trésor imprimables ajoutent un style très élégant à tout Escape Game monde ancien ou à toute fête d'enfant à thème. Choisissez simplement votre carte préférée et imprimez-la en 8x10 (20cm x 25cm) ou sur du papier normal A4.

They're an exclusive free bonus only available in our bundle deals! Grab the kit to get the lot.

USD $ 99

You Also Get These Printable Worksheet Games:


Adventure Egypt

Multiplication And Division | 6th - 7th Grade
Ignite imagination in your classroom by taking them on an epic quest for ancient Egyptian treasure!

Students will solve math problems across five different puzzle sheets to reveal the hidden codes and find the treasure.

This is a classroom or homeschool adventure that your kids will always remember! Plus, it makes for a perfect cross-subject addition to your ancient history curriculum.
adventure-egypt-map-400x400-1 (1)


Mental Math (X/÷/+/-, Time, Currency, Etc.) | 6th - 9th Grade
This is a competitive math challenge that will bring your classroom to life, and leave your kids wanting more!

BingoCraft pits your students against each other (individually or in teams) in a rapid-fire math contest. Whoever can solve equations and craft their armor set the fastest wins.

Mental math practice will never be dull again!

Million To Mars

Math (X & ÷) & Physics Challenges | 7th - 9th Grade
Watch your kids take off as they strap into the pilot seat of the SpaceX mission to Mars.

In this math activity, students will learn about SpaceX's Mars mission, engage with real-world, open-ended problems, and participate in active group discussion.

It's a perfect addition to any math, science, physics, or STEM lesson. Not to mention, your kids will love it!

Birthday Planner

Budgeting, Multiplication & Division | 6th - 7th Grade
Teach budgeting the fun way by showing your kids how these important skills link to fun, real-life decisions!

Students will plan their dream party under realistic limitations. This develops mathematical, creative, and critical thinking skills all at once!

For kids who love to dream, this is bound to be the best classroom or homeschool assignment yet.

Ancient Egypt History Activity

History, main idea, and problem-solving | 7th - 9th Grade
Engage your students like never before by transforming your classroom into an Ancient Egyptian adventure!

This ready-to-go classroom activity kit includes all the worksheets, posters and props you need to bring your history lesson to life. No extra lesson-prep required, just print and you're done!

USD $ 99

Bonus VIP exclusif :

Des copies GRATUITES à vie de tous les futurs jeux !


Chaque nouveau jeu, mise à jour, bonus et cadeau vous sera envoyé directement avant tout le monde.


À vie !

C'est ça, être un VIP d'Escape Game

Obtenez le pack fête VIP et un statut exclusif à vie !

 Sans risque à tous égards (Vraiment)

Le pack comprend une garantie de remboursement à 100 %.

Quelque soit la raison.

Si vous n'êtes pas totalement, fanatiquement, amoureux des jeux après leur téléchargement, il suffit de nous envoyer un e-mail et nous vous rembourserons le pack.

C'est ça, l'absence de risque.

USD $ 99

Avis des joueurs :

Get All 6 Games, the Classroom Kit, VIP access, and Save 60%+ for Life:

VIP escape box
6 games to play with friends, kids, work mates and your classroom. (Plus 5 educational games for your kids!)
Tous prêts à être imprimés et à faire la fête.
Year-round access to our Seasonal Style Packs (and all future printable extras)
Des copies VIP en accès rapide de tous les futurs jeux. À vie.

USD $ 99

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