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A Zombie Themed Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Home Into A Nail-Biting Adventure.

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What's In The Escape Party Kit?

The mission goals

Save time, everything's done.

Escape Room Z is a complete escape room kit that comes with over 50 printable escape room puzzle cards. It includes everything you need so you can get playing fast!

Zombie setup survival guide

Easy Setup Instructions

You won't get 'stuck' during setup because the step by step Zombie Survival Guide is super easy to follow. Furthermore, every part of the escape room kit has been designed for 1st-time Escape Room hosts.

Zombie poster props.

Posters & Props Pack

The kit comes with 8 posters that can be printed at home (on Legal/A4 paper) or larger paper an office store.

There's even a Victory poster for that ever important selfie at the end!

Hand holding zombie puzzle card side.

Fast & Cheap to Print

The escape kit includes 2 versions for easy printing:

  • As normal sized photos: this gives the puzzles a super high-quality finish and only costs around $5.
  • On office paper: Any printer will do.

You can also order online prints from Amazon.

Builder's toolkit for easy editing.

Party Builder's Toolkit.

The complete Builders Toolkit comes bundled with the game so you can customize it to your liking. It's in PowerPoint format so you can easily make as many changes as you like.

Full money back guarantee

Risk Free.

If the escape kit isn't what you were expecting just drop me a line and I'll send you a complete refund.

Easy to contact us speach bubble

Friendly Customer Support

We're here to get you un-stuck!  Just drop us a question via email or Facebook.

Girl holding a present

You're Paying It Forward

$5 from your purchase will be donated to help kids and communities escape poverty. Woohoo!

Bonus: Load Up with the Spotify A Zombie Party Music Mix

Awesome escape rooms activate all the senses - including Mojo!

Here are 2 playlists to set the scene for your DIY escape game. The 1st is a handpicked mix of chill, house, and old-school all about the groaning dead. The 2nd is the super moody soundtrack from The Last of Us and adds that awesome low-level dread we all love about zombie folk law.

On a game night just plug in your phone, hit play, and get rock'n!

Female zombie walking

Also Great for large groups

Teen Escape Parties, School Classrooms, And Youth Groups

Zombie being shot

Escape rooms are one of the best team building activities ever. They require constant communication and challenge players with healthy conflict. The Escape Room Z kit takes this to the next level by creating a competitive environment where teams simultaneously battle for King of the Hill. Just print out a copy of the game for every 4-8 players.

Here're some tips for running the game with larger groups:

  1. Split the group into several teams of 4-8 people that will compete for King of the Hill.
  2. Each group can play simultaneously.
  3. Teams require 1-2 mobile phones so they can look up hints in the Survival Guide and complete some of the challenges. The Survival Guide also contains solutions so if you have super competitive teams make players come to you where you'll give them the hint but they'll receive a time penalty.
  4. It's a race to the finish so there' no need to set a timer unless your day requires it.
  5. Make a big event out of revealing the winning team since this will be a highlight of the challenge.

Example from Church Youth Retreat

How Mark, From Harvest High School, customized The Game For High Schoolers:

I ran Escape Room Z a couple of weekends ago with middle school/high school students and adult leaders. Our crew had about 32 people, so four teams of 6-7 and everyone finished within 90 mins, with the fastest team being 70 mins.

Easy to Customize with your style & Personality

Adding your own style to Escape Room Z is as easy as editing a Word document. This allows you to skip the grunt work and get straight to the fun part of designing fabulous puzzles.

Some easy mods you can make to the game include adding real-life combination padlocks or adding the name of whoever's party it is.

How to edit the Heist Party escape room kits

You can edit the base escape kit
Open the game in PowerPoint.
Then change whatever you like!
Then change whatever you like!

"The Party Was A Great Success. Had A Roaring Good Time!"

- Heather, USA.

Also Awesome for Corporate Team Building

Zombies as bkg

The Escape Room Z kit will take 30-60 minutes to set up and can be printed multiple times to scale to any group size (I've had a group of 130 people at a conference run one of the party kits).

When running the game:

  1. Set the game up by following the Setup Guide. If space is limited just place all the puzzles in the middle of each team's table rather than spreading them out.
  2. Set a 60-minute timer.
  3. As the Game Master, you'll be the one giving out hints. This is super easy as they're all in the Survival Guide. Just open it up, on your phone, and when a group asks for a hint you can read them out.
  4. Set a time penalty for using a hint (2 minutes for a hint or 5 minutes for a full solution). Just do a tally of these and deduct them from the final times at the end.

What Others Think:

"...perfect for an adult party"

"My crew had fun, and I enjoyed modding the game..."

"...One of our most popular teen programs this summer"

Download the Complete Escape Room Kit and Play Tonight:

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Transform any space into a nail-biting escape room adventure. Perfect for house parties and team building.

Instant download, just print & party.

Risk-free with 100% money back guarantee.

Or grab all 5 of our kits in one bundle and save 50%!

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