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Save Time Hosting your Party with one of these Escape Room kits.

Why reinvent the wheel?

After all, you're short on time.

Instead, be smart and download one of these printable Escape kits.

What's an Escape Kit?

Imagine if you could shrink all the awesomeness of an escape room into just 1 box.

It would probably be called something like "Escape Kit".

Part party game. Party board game. Part puzzle adventure. It would be a creative experience to enjoy with friends, family, colleagues, and fellow Wizards.

Best of all, you'd be able to customize it however you like.

It would pretty well be the ultimate house party.


How Do They Work?

Once you download one of the escape kits, print it out as standard photos or on your home printer. Then place the puzzle cards around your venue by following the setup guide.

Then you're done!

All that's left to do is invite your crew, crack out the snacks drinks, and crank that party music.

Place these puzzles anywhere.

Choose An Escape Kit to Download:

A humorous zombie themed escape room kit that transforms your home into an Arggh-venture!

In this treasonous escape kit your crew must take down the Governments W.A.R. Facility before it goes online.

Make your next kids party an escape room adventure! This game kit has everything you need.