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Birthday Planner Printable Math Game

Inspire your kids to dream... AND budget wisely, with this exciting math worksheet activity! This math worksheet puts kids in charge of planning their own dream party. Learning to budget has never been so simple and so FUN!

The kit makes your job easy. Just print. And you're done!



Designed for 6th-7th grade students


(Budgeting: mult. & div.)


Customizable for any grade level


Instant download and easy print


Here's How Your Math Activity Will Work:


Your Kids Plan A Party Within A Set of Strict Requirements (Like Adults Do)


Students Practice Math Skills To Budget For The Items They'll Need For The Party


They Then Apply What They've Learned To Plan Their Own Dream Party!


Birthday Planner is a 100% classroom-ready and curriculum-aligned math worksheet activity. Just print a copy for each student or team of students. (Dividing the students into groups helps teach teamwork and negotiating skills.)

Kids take on the role of party planner for their cousin's birthday. This is easier than it sounds! They'll need to think creatively around external constraints, such as budget and their cousin's preferences.

Students will learn that they can’t always get what they want... but if they budget carefully, they can get what they need!

Now, the best part... after your kids plan their cousin’s birthday, then they get to plan their own dream party! Woohoo!!! Giving students this free reign lets their creativity flourish, all while demonstrating the practical application of their math skills.


The Fun All Adds Up!

Budgeting bores kids to tears. Spiderman and The Flash never use budgets (ask any of your students). But spending money? Yes please!

Making your lesson relevant to your kids' interests makes learning fun and more effective. Video games trump widgets. So we gamified budgeting.

The Birthday Planner worksheet makes math relevant. By seeing the impact of their decisions on paper, they learn the importance of budgeting and setting priorities.

But it's never dull! Stunning visuals and creative freedom make this worksheet activity instantly engaging. Kids will be immersed in their dream world, zoned-in, planning, and learning.

Every sheet is also 100% editable. You control the duration and difficulty of the game, and our simple editor makes customizing the worksheets a breeze.


Here's What You Get In Your Printable Worksheet Pack:


One Fully Ready-To-Go Math Lesson

We've done all of the work for you. Your download comes with all the worksheets and answer keys.

Unlimited Customization

Make any changes you like. You have total control! Our simple editor makes customizing the sheets easy.

Super Simple Setup Guide

You're not alone.
We walk you through the setup step-by-step.
No stress. No worries.


Lesson Prep Has Never Been So Easy!


Save Time. The Work's Done!

You'll be classroom-ready in under 30 minutes. Just download and print. Then decide what to do with the rest of your day.

Stress-Free From Start To End

Our simple setup guide walks you through the prep step-by-step. If you need more help, message our helpful wizards on Facebook or email.

Cost-Effective. Yours To Keep Forever

That's right, forever! You can make unlimited copies and edits to keep it endlessly reusable. Looks like you've got a new secret weapon...


PLUS These Epic Free Bonuses:

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Not happy with the game? Did your students still look bored? No problem. We'll send you a 100% refund, no questions asked.
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Friendly Customer Service

Our wizards are real live people (mostly) and are always happy to help you out. Send us a message through Facebook or email.

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Eco-Friendly Education

No packaging.
No postage.
No delivery trucks.
Download the game and only print what you need!


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