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Million To Mars Printable Math Game

Blast-off into fun, the final frontier, with this SpaceX math and science worksheet adventure. This engaging printable lesson teaches math and problem-solving in your most exciting classroom or homeschool activity yet!

100% classroom-ready and green-lit for launch. All you need to do is download and print.



Designed for 7th-9th grade students


Maths (x & ÷) and physics challenges


Customizable for any grade level


Instant download, print & play


Ready Commander? Here's How Your Mission Will Run:


Your Kids Will Use Math And Problem-Solving Skills To Answer Mission-Critical Problems


They Will Then Overcome Open-Ended Problems By Exercising Critical Thinking Skills


Finally, Your Students Will Participate In Group Discussions To Solidify Collaborative Learning


This printable lesson is cleared by Mission Control and 100% classroom-ready. All you need to do is print a copy for each student. Alternatively, you can make it a team challenge by printing a copy for each group of 2-6 students.

Million To Mars improves your students' maths skills while challenging them to work through real-life issues that the SpaceX Mars Mission faces!

Each problem combines both math equations and open-ended challenges. This works to sharpen both mathematical and creative problem-solving skills in a way that leaves kids with stars in their eyes!

Students are also encouraged to share their thoughts in open group discussions. This will allow them to enhance their collaborative thinking skills.

Who knows, you may create future SpaceX recruits in the process!


Launch Your Students To A Greater Love Of Maths And Science!

I don't need to tell you that math books and handouts bore students to tears. (Legend has it that the spell that put Sleeping Beauty out was a multiplication worksheet!)

The Million to Mars worksheet activity buries boring learning inside an exhilarating SpaceX Mars Mission!

Kids are keenly aware of the near-future possibilities of interplanetary space travel. It's exciting stuff! This assignment invites kids to explore the real-world science of space exploration, such as: who should you take? What food should you provision? Who controls the radio? In addition to teaching arithmetic and science skills, the worksheets teach critical thinking and introduce the students to the benefits of group discussions.

With a fully customizable worksheet, you can ensure that the lesson fits your classes’ needs and aptitudes perfectly.


Here's What You Get In Your Math Mission Pack:


Classroom Ready Math/Science Lessons

We give you the worksheets and answer keys. You click and print. Easy and quick.

Fully Customizable Worksheets

Use our simple editor to fit the assignment to your students’ current curriculum.

Foolproof Setup Guide

We walk you through the prep one step at a time. It's easier than paint-by-numbers.


Lesson Prep Is A Breeze - More Time For Solar Surfing!


More Fun. Less Work.

It feels like work never ends. Now it will feel like it never starts.
Have this kit ready to go in 30 minutes. Probably less.
Just download and print. That’s it.

Contact Us. We’re Here To Help.

We don’t just disappear when you click download. We're here to help you out every step of the way.
Confused? Just lonely? Shoot our crew an email or Facebook message.

Unlimited Lessons. One Low Price.

Keep and use Million To Mars forever! You can download and print it as many times as you like!
You can use it year after year to teach your new classes the joy of maths and space travel!


We Also Include These Extras

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Class didn’t get off the ground? We’ll send you a 100% refund, no questions asked.
conversation logo

Bot Free Customer Service

No wrestling with chatbots. Just Email or Facebook message our crew with whatever questions you have.
earth friendly

Red Planet. Green Lesson Plan.

You only print what you need. No cardboard boxes. No peanuts. No styrofoam. Download and print!

Other Teachers Love Our Games

Ready for Instantly Captivated Students? Download Million To Mars for only $9!

Classroom-ready maths activity that teaches while taking the students on the flight of a lifetime. No bored kids! Just happy campers astronauts.
100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. We doubt SpaceX gives you the same deal.
Easy to prepare. Save time, reduce stress, and thrill your class.


Save 50% By Purchasing Our Bundle of 4 Math Activity Kits

Just $18

Mars may not be the kind of place to raise your kids, but it is the best place to learn maths (sorry, Elton). Engage your class with multiple easy-to-use lessons for one low price! You get our four BEST maths games:



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