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Wasteland survival game

Wasteland Survival Game

Wasteland is an immersive team challenge where 12+ players form tribes and compete for survival in a 3-hour whirlwind of mayhem.

Full of outlandish style for a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas party.


Siren hash
Welcome to our home, traveller. 
Metal rusted from the dripping sweat of survivors.
Dust like a plague.
Our beautiful Wasteland.
Graffiti arrow down decal
Ready to transform your party?
Wasteland game runsheet

Player vs player challengers

Wasteland is a new type of at-home escape room where players form teams and compete in all-out player vs player challenges.
Check out the challenges
Declare your might with physical trials like arm wrestling and takedowns.
Prove your intellect by solving escape room style puzzles that unearth the Wasteland's hidden loot.
Take the spotlight in dance battles and team warchants.
Show off your art skills in contests for painting Tribal Banners and body tattoos.
Hide your cunning by stealing Wasteland coins & weapons from other players.

The hard work's done

Just print the game, collect props from around the house, and start the party.
Finally, party prep on easy mode.
This is how the game saves you effort
Wasteland is a giant 'choose your own adventure' game. An adult's playground if you will.

Players will decide what they feel like doing by heading to challenge boards stuck up around your home. 

This means that once the game's set up it pretty well runs itself so you can enjoy the game with your friends.

Here's what players can choose from:
Unlock your hidden badass by choosing a character type that matches your vibe. 
Test yourself by completing Contracts. Succeed and you'll receive a glorious bounty.
Challenge other players to Death Duels and wager your lives for fat stacks of $$$.
Band together and compete in teams to win Tribal Battles. Glory and loot await any still standing.
Hard work's all done

Bring all your friends

Wasteland is perfect for larger groups of 12+ players - like house parties, birthdays, school camps, team building... or the apocalypse.
See how Wasteland scales to any size
Wasteland helps people connect at larger events by grouping players together in Tribes that compete for victory. This togetherness allows people to skip the smalltalk and feel immersed in the world.

Secondly, all the game mechanics and rules are explained to players through the posters and player cards that come with the kit. This means you don't need to manage everything (phew!) and everyone gets to choose their own adventure around what feels fun to them.

This combination of smaller groups and easy-to-follow game mechanics means Wasteland is perfect for larger parties.

The ideal party size is around 35 players with a minimum of 12 people. Larger groups scale easily since each Tribal leader chooses a few friends to help run the team.
Get epic

More mood than Mad Max

This kit's loaded with party-jacking mood boosters that get players immersed:
Printable wall art for this broken world.
Themed apocalyptic background music.
Facebook event art to invite your crew.
Mood boosters
Siren hash
Grab the Wasteland Survival Game
Become a party legend.
Hard work's all done.
Love the game or 100% refund.


Graffiti arrow up left

You wont get stuck.

The video setup guides walk you through every detail you'll need to construct your Wasteland.
Show me the guides
Ever been stuck trying to decipher an Ikea shelf manual? Or 20-page board game rules? Yep... us too.

So, we just made videos of the entire setup.
This covers all of the steps, examples, and setup tips you'll need. We've made sure to use footage from a real playthrough of the game so you can watch how it's all done.

If you'd like to see it all for yourself, we've broken preparation into two handy guides:

  • Before-the-day Setup Guide.
  • Quick reference Runsheet on the night.

You have the power to change everything

Ever wanted to make your own escape room, or try your hand at game design? It's time!

Go all chop-shop on the game to make it truly your own, using the simple click-and-drag PowerPoint editor.
Warrior offering refund guarantee
Wasteland is fun-guaranteed.
So if it's not your best party ever we'll send you a 100% refund.
No questions asked.
LGBT+ inclusive game

LGBT+ inclusive so everyone can play

Gender inclusive language
Mix of challenges so everyone can compete. Some tough, some sassy, most are just very creative!

Playful adults only expansion (Optional)

Totally optional extras you can choose to print if it fits your crew's vibe.
Turn up the heat with the alluring Siren bonus character.
Give players the chance to connect in a whole new way with the flirtatious R-Rated Contracts board.
Adult expansion pack
Here to help with any questions

Here to help with any questions

Ask any question on email or Facebook and we'll answer them in time to avoid whatever dust storm you encounter.

Wasteland Survival Game will be your best party ever

This new type of escape room is something your crew has never experienced before.
Players will meet new friends while conquering challenges. No small talk.
Whistling face graffiti decal
All the hard work's done. Just print the game, collect props from around the house, and start the party.
Wasteland survival game

Grab the Wasteland Survival Game

Become a party legend.
Hard work's all done.
Love the game or 100% refund.


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