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Common Questions and How to Email Us

Refunds and Game Questions

Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! Love your game or it's free

Just click here to send me an email and we'll get the cash right back to you or swap it for another game if you'd prefer.

Can I swap my game if I didn't enjoy it?


Pick one you'd like from our catalogue then ask us to swap it using the contact form on this page.

Which is the best kit for me?

How hard are the games?

Pick the game you feel works best for your group from the list below.

Think of these as a guide only. If you love a solid puzzle grab a harder one:

Is it a team game?

Yes, it's a cooperative team adventure designed for teams of 4-6 kids.

If you've got more players than this, just print a copy of the game for each team. In this case, groups will be racing to finish first.

For example, for a school classroom of 25 kids, print the escape kit 5 times and run groups of 5.

How many kids in each team?

Our games work best with 4 players per team.

If you've got more players than this, just print a copy of the game for each team. In this case, groups will be racing to finish first.

E.g. for a house party of 10 people simply print the game 3 times and make teams of 3-4 people.

Setting the Game Up

Where's the setup guide?

Step by step setup instructions for each game kit can be found on the Setup Guide page.

If you're having trouble opening the files, check this video for help:

How much space is needed?

The game is designed for a small space, such as a living room or a group of tables in a school classroom.

If you have extra space, you can make it a more immersive experience by creating several zones to represent the various challenges in the game. These can optionally be themed with the included posters, as well as your own props.

Downloading & Printing

Where's my download?

You can download your Escape Room Kit from either:

  1. Your account page. If you need your password just click the Lost your password link and do a quick reset.
  2. When you place your order, the house elves in the back room send you an email with the download link. If you haven't received your email, check your SPAM folder.

If neither of these works, it means the tech goblins have struck. Drop me an email below, and I'll send the High Wizards over to sort them out. (I'd super appreciate it if you tried the 2 options above first though!)

How do I print the kit?

All our escape kits can be printed on normal paper on your home printer or at any office store. Some of the games can also be printed as 4x6 photos, which makes them look extra cool (although regular paper won't diminish the fun any). You can print your photos at most office stores or order them online via Amazon.

What to do if I can't open the file?

The most common cause of the game not opening is that the file got interrupted while downloading. This can happen for a few reasons, and it's super easy to fix:
  1. Re-download the game from the Account Page.
  2. Re-click the download link in the purchase confirmation email (these never expire).
After you've downloaded the folder, you'll notice that's it's zipped. This is just so we can send you a large file through cyberspace without needing a warp reactor to do it.
To unzip the file, follow these directions:
  • Mac: Double-click the folder, and it should extract it to an unzipped folder with the same name (here's a guide on YouTube).
  • Windows: Here's a video guide demonstrating how to unzip folders in Windows.

Once the kit extracts, you'll see a folder with the escape kit files. Inside, you'll find a folder called Game. That's where your printable game lives.

If you still can't open and print the game after you've downloaded it again, just drop me a line below and I'll send a carrier pigeon your way to deliver the goods.

Can I Change the Game?

You sure can, Mr. Game Designer! An editable PowerPoint template comes with the game and allows you to change anything you like!

Here's a quick video showing you how to customize the DIY game. It walks you through the process using the template from Escape Room Z (an adult game), but it's the exact same process for all Lock, Paper, Scissors escape kits.

Can I Share The Escape Kit?

Can I share the kit with friends?

For sure! Pass it round. Share the love. Go for it.

I only ask that you don't sell the pack for profit or upload the digital files anywhere for file sharing. Basically, it's a payload of work to build an epic escape game kit like this, and your purchase allows me to keep making more of them sustainably.

Here's the full copyright release form.

Additionally, here's a summary of what you're welcome to use the DIY pack for:

  • Print the pack as photos at Walmart, Officeworks, or any other photo printing place. One customer was refused printing because the store manager thought the pack looked too professional and that there must be a copyright issue. I only know of it happening once, but if it does just show them this answer on your phone.
  • Print the pack as photos on your own/friend's/work printer (assuming it's cool with your boss).
  • Share the printed pack with friends. I'm even happy for you to email the digital files to friends, so they can enjoy it. Just avoid uploading it to a file-sharing site.

Can I sell the game kits? Copyright?

Short version:

Good panda: Sharing it with a handful of friends for free.

Bad panda: Sharing it with everyone in your friend's list or selling it for $$, unless you've purchased a Site Licence.

Long version:

  • Avoid reselling any kit for $$.
  • Don't upload a kit to a file-sharing platform.
  • Do not edit the kit and claim it as your own (just drop me an email if you'd like a builder's kit to make your own and sell it through our store).

Affiliates & Guest Posts

Love to chat with you about Affiliates or Guest Posting. Just check out the guides on either of these pages.
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