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Escape Room KIDS BOX

Add magic to every party with these 4 Kids Escape Room Kits in One Bundle

Trust me, they'll LOVE this!
You get 4 fun games (tested by kids, for kids) PLUS an exclusive treasure map pack bundle.

Just $49 (Save 60%)

USD $ 49

Get 4 Epic Kids Escape Games You Can Play *Anywhere*


Run the best kids birthday party this year by transforming your place into a fun escape room game designed just for them.

Each of our escape games is a 100% ready-to-print party and includes:

  • Party invitations.
  • Room posters to theme the place up.
  • Full setup guide so you won't get stuck.
  • Designers kit so you can change the games however you like (just click and drag in PowerPoint).
  • Bonus printable Treasure Hunt Map Pack that's exclusive to our bundles.

Kids Love These Games!

With 4.8/5 stars on Facebook review we love to thrill. Check out what other players think in the Reviews Hall of Fame.

USD $ 49

You'll Get These 4 Epic Kids Escape Room Games:

Whisk your kids away on an unforgettable escape room adventure with these fun family game kits. Equip yourself with a game that everyone will adore, perfect for any kids event – from parties, to classrooms, to family game nights. Plus, you get the BONUS Treasure Hunt Map Pack, exclusive to this bundle deal. Ready to become a party hero?

Lost Mummy Escape Room Kit
Rebel revolt thumbnail
Escape Quest Tmb

The Box Comes With These Games:

lost-mummy-edu-tmb (1) 1 (2)

The Lost Mummy

Kids Party Kit | 10-13 Year Olds
This mysterious kids escape room kit transforms your home into an ancient adventure!

Perfect for 10-12-year-olds kids parties, it comes with the complete game, posters, party invites, and complete setup guide. Party on!
lost-mummy-children-smiling-400x400 (1)

Rebel Revolt

House Parties and Team Building | Casual Gamers
Will your crew successfully infiltrate the W.A.R. facility before it goes online? Find out in this treasonous escape room kit that transforms your home into a daring adventure.

Designed as a chilled challenge perfect for older teen parties and adult house parties.
rebel-revolt-escape-game-maze-puzzle2-decal-400x400-1 1
rebel-revolt-posters2-decal-400x400-1-150x150 1
rebel-revolt-escape-game-puzzles4-decal-400x400-1 1


Kids Party Kit | 8-10 Year Olds
Whisk your kids away on an enchanting escape room journey through the world of Frost.

The entire kit comes complete with everything you need to make your kids party or family game night unforgettable.  All you need to do is download, print, and set forth on a magical team adventure!
frost escape kit map
frost printable jewelries

Kids Escape Quest

Kids Escape Party | 7-9 Year Olds
Transform your child's next birthday party into a time travel escape room adventure she'll never forget.

Complete with party invites, room posters, complete 6 area escape room challenges and post-game party activities.

USD $ 49

Plus this Exclusive Free Bonus:


BONUS Treasure Hunt Map Pack

Kids Parties, Scavenger Hunts, and Map Activities
These 16 printable treasure maps add seriously smooth style to any olde-worlde escape room or themed kids party. Simply choose your favorite and print it out as an 8x10 (20cm x 25cm) photo or on normal office paper.

They're an exclusive free bonus only available as part of our KIDS BOX! Grab the kit to get the lot.

 Risk-Free in every way (Really)


The entire bundle comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

No questions. No bull.

If you're not totally, fanatically, in love with the games after downloading, just drop us an email and we'll refund the lot.

That's what risk-free is all about.

USD $ 49

Player Reviews:

With 4.8/5 stars on Facebook review we love to thrill. Check out what other players think in the Reviews Hall of Fame.

Or Are You Looking For A More Educational Experience?


These printable activities make for a totally immersive and fully engaging lesson.

They set up quickly so you can make learning fun, NOW!


Get All 4 Games & Save 60%

4 games to transform your next kid's party, birthday, family activity, classroom Olympics, school camp, or youth group night.
Complete games, all 100% ready to print and party.
Earn the exclusive Treasure Map Pack only available in a bundle.

USD $ 49

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