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A treasonous Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Home Into A daring adventure. Just Print & Party.

Teams of 4 Players.

Medium difficulty. Great for casual gamers and teen parties.

60 mins.

What's In The Escape Kit?

Over 50 puzzle cards

Save time with pre made puzzles

Over 50 super stylish puzzle cards that include everything you need to create your 1st DIY escape room party. Print as normal photosor on a home printer.

Answer puzzles on your phone.

Easy To Follow Setup Instructions

The Rebel Revolt Mission Guide has step by step instructions on setting up the entire escape game.

Kit contains over 20 posters

Posters & Invites Pack

The kit comes with over 20 editable posters, as well as 4 party invites perfect for Facebook sharing or mailing to guests.

Editing the game - after

Party Builder's Toolkit.

The complete Builders Toolkit comes bundled with the game so you can customize it to your liking. It's in PowerPoint format so you can easily make as many changes as you like.

Elliott Bailey - Lock Paper Scissors

One-On-One Customer Support.

I'm just an email away.

If you get stuck setting up the game, making changes to the template, or have a question before you download just send me an email.

Full money back guarantee

Buyers Security.

If the escape kit isn't what you were expecting just drop me a line and I'll send you a complete refund.

Every Puzzle Has Been Hand Crafted To Look Amazing And Print Perfectly As Standard 4x6 Photos.

You can print these at most office stores for about $5 (like you'd print photos of your family). Alternatively, just use your own home printer.

Some of the printable cards can be easily swapped with real life props (like a NERF gun or combination lock). These are listed in the Survival Guide and are an optional way to bring the game to life.

Puzzles print as standard photos.

How the DIY escape game works:

This game kit allows you to recreate the escape room experience for friends, family, and workmates. You'll be solving ciphers, hacking lateral thinking puzzles, and working together to break into the W.A.R. facility and beat the game.

Why home escape rooms are fun:

  • Customizable: want to change how the game plays? No worries - the editable template comes with the kit. Feel free to change whatever you like or use it as a base game to save you some work.
  • Chilled out: no time limits.
  • Great for groups: It's super cheap to print the kit out multiple times so you can have several teams competing simultaneously. Alternatively, your party guests can form groups to win 'King of the Hill' for the night.
Set up the cards like this.

It's great for

Schools, camps, and youth groups

Escape rooms are one of the best team building activities ever. They require constant communication and challenge players with healthy conflict. The Rebel Revolt kit takes this to the next level by creating a competitive environment where teams simultaneously battle for King of the Hill. Just print out a copy of the game for every 4 players.

Here're some tips for running the game with larger groups:

  1. Split the group into several teams of 4 people that will compete for King of the Hill.
  2. Each group can play simultaneously.
  3. Teams require 1-2 mobile phones so they can look up hints in the Mission Guide and complete some of the challenges. The Survival Guide also contains solutions so if you have super competitive teams make players come to you where you'll give them the hint but they'll receive a time penalty.
  4. It's a race to the finish so there' no need to set a timer unless your day requires it.
  5. Make a big event out of revealing the winning team since this will be a highlight of the challenge.

How to customize the game

This is a great way to get into designing your 1st escape room since a lot of the grunt work's been done for you.

For example, adding real life combination padlocks or customizing the game for a friends birthday or corporate team building.


Editing the game - after



Also awesome for

Corporate Team Building

The Rebel Revolt kit will take 30-60 minutes to set up and can be printed multiple times to scale to any group size (I've had a group of 130 people at a conference run one of the party kits).

When running the game:

  1. Set the game up by following the Setup Guide. If space is limited just place all the puzzles in the middle of each team's table rather than spreading them out.
  2. Set a 60-minute timer.
  3. As the Game Master, you'll be the one giving out hints. This is super easy as they're all in the Mission Guide. Just open it up, on your phone, and when a group asks for a hint you can read them out.
  4. Set a time penalty for using a hint (2 minutes for a hint or 5 minutes for a full solution). Just do a tally of these and deduct them from the final times at the end.

How It's Different From A Business:

You'll receive hints and tips via the Mission Guide that you can load on your phone. This way if you're ever stuck simply tap the puzzle you're stuck on for a hint. Most puzzles have a few hints, that start subtle, and have the solution if you get really stuck.

To avoid complex setup there's no scavenging in the default version of the game. If you're happy to be the Game Master you could spend 15 minutes hiding the clues for the group to find as they work their way through the challenges.

Rebel victory

Spotify Revolution Tunes

Music is an amazing way to truly transform your location into an escape room.

When your guests arrive, play this background music to get the revolution started.

Common Questions

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Customization & Props

Refunds and all the legal Jazz

Full money back guarantee

Live escape room experience from, well anywhere.

Complete game, ready to print and party.

Better than a board game. More fun than doing your tax.