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That's me and my crew, winning at Escape Room Z

About Us - The At Home Escape Room Wizards

Hi, I'm Elliott!
That's me playing one of our at-home escape room puzzles with my crew (I'm the one in the middle).
I’m also the guy behind Lock Paper Scissors. ;)
Hi, it's me, Elliott
Hey again. Today, I wanted to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes and reveal why I started an escape room business in the first place...

Let me tell you how this all started:

A couple of years ago, I was planning a special date night and decided to create an escape room at home...

And it was an EPIC amount of work.
Seriously, I was ready to pull the pin about halfway through. But I kept going. I’ve loved solving brain puzzles since I was a kid, and my first live escape room experience took my obsession to a whole new level.

So I was determined to make this idea work. My DIY escape room was super fun in the end…

(Psst! If you'd just like to skip to the good bit, here it is. End result? These awesome printable escape room kits!)
Solving puzzles together
Epic youth party

...Then it hit me.

Maybe other people would enjoy running their own escape room too.

I mean, how many times have you wanted to visit an escape room with your crew… but the cost was out of this world for a large group?

We'll always remember the absolute magic of that first at home escape room date. So I became obsessed with figuring out how to share this magic with the world.

That’s how Lock Paper Scissors was born.

I wanted this at home escape room to be easy for you.

So I decided to provide you with editable game files. This way, you can make it your own without having to do the grunt work of starting from scratch. (Watch this video to see how >>>)

Not only that, you can add your own spin to the puzzles. Like incorporating your school into the game, or adding the birthday girl’s name into the mix.

Plus, I made sure that you can scale the experience to ANY number of players by simply printing extra copies of the kit.
(We’ve had conferences with 200+ attendees run it as a team-building experience!)
Our first game - Grand Theft Antimatter

So I innovated, and launched.

You see, printable escape room games just weren't a thing yet. If you wanted to play an escape room at home, you had to make it from scratch.

So I spent aaaaages hammering out the concept... until finally, in October of 2016, I launched 'Grand Theft Antimatter'. This was the very first printable escape room game on the market!

(Back then we were called 'Heist Party'. I rebranded us to 'Lock Paper Scissors' in 2017, because honestly, any brand name based on a pun is 1000% cooler!)

But let me back up for a moment. I want to be totally honest with you…

The truth is, my first game was terrible!

I had no idea what I was doing in the beginning. But people loved the idea, so I just kept emailing anyone who bought the game and asked for their feedback.

Thankfully, tons of players were kind enough to share their experience with me. You all offered ideas on how it could be improved—then I went back to the drawing board to revamp the game.
Kids smiling and playing Lost Mummy
Fuelling epic parties

The rest is history.

Today we carry six different at-home escape room kits (and our team is hard at work at developing more).

We’ve served over 200,000 customers.
Who would’ve thought our humble passion would become a worldwide success?

The best part is hearing from our escape room players. It makes my day when someone like you sends us a photo of a birthday party or a team-building day you ran.

( <<< Like this one.)

Lock Paper Scissors players come from all walks of life.

One moment, we’re chatting with a church youth group in Canada, who’s running an icebreaker for the new year.

The very next moment I’m hearing from a Major in the US military, training critical thinking to future soldiers.

No matter what age group you’re planning an event for, we want to help you throw an unforgettable escape room party!

We're in the business of putting looks of excitement on faces, as kids and adults alike bond with their teammates and work together to solve fun puzzles.
Team building games at military college

Ready to make a splash…

...but don’t want to spend hours designing your own game? Click below to check out our ready-to-play downloadable escape room kits.

You’re sure to find a mysterious, at home escape room adventure that everyone will get excited about.

Elliott Bailey
​Designer/Creator at Lock Paper Scissors

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