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Birthday Planner

Inspire your kids to dream... AND budget wisely, with this exciting math worksheet activity!

It's party time! This math worksheet puts kids in charge of planning their own dream party. Learning to budget has never been so simple and so FUN!

The kit makes your job easy. Just print. And you're done!

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Designed for 6th-7th grade students

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Mathematics (Budgeting: mult. & div.)


Customizable for any grade level

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Instant download and easy print


How Does This Math Activity Work? It's Easy!


Students Must Work Within A Strict Set Of Requirements To Plan A Birthday Party.


Using Key Math Skills, They Budget For The Items They'll Need For The Party.


Afterwards, Students Can Go Ahead And Plan Their Own Dream Party!

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This printable math worksheet is 100% classroom-ready, and fully curriculum aligned. The work's already done. You just need to print a set of worksheets for each student (or group of students, for team challenges).

'Birthday Planner' tasks your kids with planning a dream birthday party for their cousin. This is the perfect chance to develop key math and budgeting skills!

Students have complete creative freedom to plan their party... however, they must be mindful of the budget. They also need to take into account what their cousin actually wants - forcing them to exercise creativity under constraints.

As a final big finish, your kids will be able to plan their dream party from scratch. Simply set a budget, and let them all unleash their creativity! There's no better way to highlight the practical application of what they've just learned.

The Fun All Adds Up!

Budgets are boring.... until you're spending the money!

Kids naturally love to learn when the subject is interesting. So it's super easy to make budgeting engaging and relevant... just let them 'spend' the money as they plan their dream party!

'Birthday Planner' does just that. It's an engaging math activity that tangibly links these abstract 'budget skills' to real-life decisions and consequences.

It's more than a creative math exercise. Giving students the freedom to choose their 'dream party' gets them invested in their learning. The worksheet clearly shows that what students are learning is both useful, and fun!

Plus, the math worksheets are all totally editable. So you have complete control over the content, difficulty, and duration of your math lesson.


What You Get In Your Math Worksheet Kit:


One Classroom-Ready Math Lesson

Don't worry, we've done all the grunt-work. All the activity sheets and answer keys you need are here.


Total Control Over The Experience

You've got the power! You can easily edit the worksheets using our simple Experience Editor.

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Easy, Step-By-Step Setup Guide

You won't get stuck. Period. Our easy-to-follow setup guide walks you through everything you need to know.

How You'll Breeze Through Lesson-Prep:

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Saves You Time. Work's Already Done!

You're juggling enough.

So we've made sure that the game can be set up in under 30 minutes. Just download, print, and you're done! (with time spare for a nap)

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Saves You Stress. We're Here For You

We're trying to make this as easy as possible for you.

Stuck? Confused? Got questions? Just shoot us a message by email or Facebook. We'll help you out!

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Saves You $$$. Buy Once, Use Forever

The activity pack is yours to keep, forever!

You've got an easy, editable, reusable classroom activity in your back pocket that you can run year after year.

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Risk Free Refund Guarantee

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There's A Person Here to Help

You're not alone. Stuck? Got questions or feedback? Just shoot us a message via email or Facebook.

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Earth Friendly. Always.

Just print what you need. No wasted packaging. No postage. No messy production costs. Yay!

And, You're Paying It Forward:

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20% From Your Purchase Will Be Donated To Help Kids Escape Poverty And Child Trafficking In Rural Thailand.

This Is The Perfect Chance To Start The Conversation With Your Class Around The Global Community, Privilege, And Leaving A Legacy.

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