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Escape Quest Kids Party Kit

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Transform your kids next birthday party into a time travel escape room adventure they'll adore! Just print and party.

Perfect for young kids aged 6-8 years old (G+).

2-6 players, or print unlimited copies for a team race.

45 mins play time

Save time planing the most stylish escape room b'day ever:

This printable game kit transforms your house into a time travel themed escape room perfect for a girls birthday party. You set the difficulty and can even customize the entire game before printing.

Setting up is super easy. Just download the game kit and print the clue cards as standard 4x6 photos (just like you would family photos). Alternatively, you can print the game on normal paper, however, you won't get that nice glossy look photos have.

Before the party, follow the step by step instructions to place the clues around your home and garden. When the kids arrive everything's set up so there's no need to stress about getting everything done at once.

You, or another adult, will guide the girls through the game by following the simple story cards included in the kit.

All up, it takes about 45 mins to complete and is an amazing focus for any party.

Download kit

Puzzle cards are beautifully designed

Comes with everything you need for the party. Just print and play!

Print The Clues

Printing as photos makes great clue cards

Print as normal 4x6 photos or on your home printer.

Easy Setup

Easy setup instructions.

Perfectly designed for girl's parties, and just taks 20 mins to setup.

What you get in the Escape Kit:

Escape quest clue cards

Save time with pre made puzzles

Escape Quest is a complete escape room kit that comes with over 80 printable puzzle cards. It includes everything you need so you can get playing fast!

Escape quest setup instructions

Easy To Follow Setup Instructions

You won't get 'stuck' during setup because the step by step Escape Quest Guide is super easy to follow.

Furthermore, every part of the escape room kit has been designed for 1st-time Escape Room hosts.

Escape Quest Invitations

B'day invites & party Posters.

The kit comes with 15 editable posters, as well as 6 party invites perfect for Facebook sharing, SMS, or posting to guests.

Editing escape quest 1

Party Builder's Toolkit.

The complete Builders Toolkit comes bundled with the game so you can customize it to your liking. It's in PowerPoint format so you can easily make as many changes as you like.

Printing as photos makes great clue cards

Super Easy to Print

The escape kit includes 2 versions for easy printing:

  • As normal sized photos: this gives the puzzles a super high-quality finish and only costs around $5.
  • On office paper: Any printer will do.

You can also order the printouts online via Amazon.

Full money back guarantee

Risk Free.

If the escape kit isn't what you were expecting just drop me a line and I'll send you a complete refund.

Designed Just For Kids

Unfortunately, there just aren't many easy escape games for kids. While a few providers are starting to make family-friendly experiences most are about creating an immersive challenge for adults (which is why we love them so much.

This easy escape game kit bridges that gap and allows you to craft a super rewarding experience for your crew. The puzzles have been designed with this goal in mind and are ideally suited to 6-8-year-olds.

Check out The Lost Mummy if you're after a more challenging game for older kids (10-12 year olds).

It's great for:

  • Kids parties.
  • Family activity at home.
  • Teachers to run with their class at school.
  • Summer camps and other getaways.
  • Youth groups.

"I used the kids escape room package this weekend, and it was a huge hit, took just under an hour for them to do, and I would highly recommend for this age group."

Thanks to Lesley Gillen for sending in these pics of her party.

Example from Deborah's Party.

You get to choose how much effort you put into prep.

Although the Escape Quest kit is a complete game, that's ready to print and play, it's a lot of fun to customize (and super easy).

It comes with the editable game template so you can adjust anything.

Here's what Deborah did for her party:

Top customizations:

  • Use real life boxes and locks to replace the printed ones.
  • Add mini-games.
  • Use props like real chocolate.
Chocolate puzzle.

We had 7 boys aged 11/12 who were a good group (up for the challenge and wanted to do it properly).

To make it exciting my husband dressed up as the Indian leader and waited in the garden for them. I blindfolded them all and they held onto each other like a train to go round to the garden for their first mission.

After the outdoor round, we moved into the kitchen for the making chocolate challenge. I stuck the cards onto some items like the milk in the fridge, a toy goat, some branches. Favourite was putting the cocoa card on the Cocopops. They were especially happy to dive into the big chocolate bar they got as loot for this round.


iPad combination puzzle raccoon

Escape Quest is split into 6 chapters spread across different times in earth's history. While the 1st chapter is very easy each room unlocks new and exciting puzzle types. This allows younger girls to have a go while enabling the older ones to still experience a rewarding challenge suited to their age.

Note: the 6 chapters are modular so if you feel the last few are too difficult simply leave them out.

Most of the puzzles in Escape Quest involve scavenging for clues and joining the dots together. This allows 8-year-olds and 10-year-olds to both enjoy the same game since you'll be the one hiding the clues around your home. By stashing a few in higher, or harder, places everyone gets to have a go with fewer arguments.

Note: This game's designed for young kids so if you've got teenagers I'd recommend this game instead -> Rebel Revolt.

Spotify Theme Music

No DIY escape game is complete without themed background music. This Spotify playlist has 3 songs for each of the rooms in the challenge.

For example, the Bored Dinosaur challenge has Tribal Drumming whereas Future Hackers is all about quirky synth.

When you start the game just open up Spotify and hit play on the first song. Then skip/back depending on how fast the crew is going.

Download The Complete Escape Room Kit And Play Tonight:

Girls escape quest party kit

Bring to life the escape room party of her dreams.

Instant download, just print & party.

Risk-free with 100% money back guarantee.

Or, Save 30% by grabbing 3 kids kits in one bundle.

Kids Escape room bundle tmb

Score 3 fun kids escape room kits for kids & teens - The Lost Mummy, Escape Quest, & Rebel Revolt

All complete games, perfect for birthdays, weekend friend visits, or family activities.

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