Looking for an escape room designer.

Looking for an escape room designer

If you're passionate about escape room design, then I'd love you to drop me a line.

What's the spec?

Printable game kits that empower people to run an escape room party at home, with friends and family.

Creative freedom?

You bet. There're a few things it needs to include, but other than that the scope's yours.

Pays $$?

Sure does.

$1400 USD ($1830 AUD) for a 40-hour project. Spread out over a few weeks depending on your schedule.

Who gets the credit?

The game will be published in much the same way as a printable board game:

Designed by <your name>

Art by <artist>

The Intellectual Property (IP) will be owned by Heist Party (this website), and the game will only be sellable through this platform. Since this is an upfront payment gig, there won't be any profit share. However, full design credit, as well as the potential for a lot of future work is there.

Example of an escape kit

Here's an example of one I've made in the past (but I'm expecting yours to wildly more creative and exciting).

If this sounds like your gig, drop me a line below.


Printable Escape Kit? Whaat?

A printable escape room kit allows someone to run an escape room kit at their home, workplace, while they're out camping or even in their car on a road trip.

The options are endless.

This means you'll be designing a game that can be printed out on A4 paper, and played just once.This means you can design an experience that involves cutting clues up, overlapping element, drawing on everything and well... anything you can think of involving paper.

This brings many limitations, compared to designing a classic escape room. However, it also enables a unique once-off experience involving cutting clues, overlapping elements, drawing on everything and well... anything you can think of involving paper!

The mission goals

The details

How's the design side work

You'll craft the game over 2-4 sprints with jointly agreed on goals. Generally, these will be:

  • Sprint 1:
    • Creation of 2 different game pitches.
    • Super rough puzzle and story map for each.
    • Identify the key mechanics that make this game a unique fun experience.
  • Sprint 2-3:
    • Creation of a minimum playable game.
    • Very rough. Nothing sexy. But playable.
    • Testing to be completed on your end and on mine.
  • Sprint 4:
    • Finalize the game mechanics and puzzles, including post feedback from testing.
    • Writing the story and setup instructions.
    • Art will be created on my end (unless you're also an artist 😉

Once the games been finalized, it will be launched on this website and available for download by any random that stumbles this way.

Escape room kit preview

Send me your pitch

You can either email me at escape [at] heistparty [dot] com or use the form below. Please include:

  • Quick pitch on what you would design.
  • 2-3 mechanics you'd include in a printable escape room. For example, folding puzzles work well.
  • Links, or photos, to other games work you have done.
  • What really matters to you on this project. Creative freedom? Earning $? Timeline? etc...
  • The X-Factor you'll bring to the table.
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