The Disappearance of Mr George Escape Room Party Kit
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Mr Georges escape challenge house

Crack the mystery before the clues vanish in this gritty at-home escape room adventure kit.

Home Escape Kits Come With:

Escape room puzzles Mr George

Every mysterious puzzle ready to play. Saves you time.

The Disappearance of Mr. George is ready to print and play and comes with all the puzzles and clues you'll use to transform your house into a fun escape room house party.

Escape room posters Mr George

Stylish Posters To Theme The Room. Makes you look great.

The game kit comes with over 20 editable posters you can stick up around your room to get the Thriller feeling going!

Escape room party invites

Party Invites to share. Easy for you to organize.

Post these on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere your crew chats. If you're old-school, you can print them as normal 4x6 photos!

Mr George props

Simple Setup Instructions. So you won't get stuck.

You won't get 'stuck,' since this escape room kit is super easy to set up. Just place the printed game kit on a table and you're ready to play! Or, for extra swag, follow the enhanced setup steps and Case File.

How to edit the escape room kit before printing 2

Simple game editor. Makes you the designer.

Change the game in any way you like using the Builders Toolkit. It's in PowerPoint format, so you can click and drag your way to designing your very own escape room kit!

Escape Kit is cheap to print

Cheap Printing anywhere. Saves you $$$.

You can print the escape room kit at home, work, an office store, or online via Amazon. Just print multiple copies for larger groups to race each other and print again whenever you like.

Spotify grit logo

Themed Spotify Party Playlist. Makes your experience swag.

This custom background set mixes magic, mystery and mayhem together to set the vibe and bring the game to life. Click here to listen.

Full money back guarantee

Risk Free with money back guarantee.* So you're safe.

If the escape kit isn't what you were expecting just drop me a line and I'll send you a complete refund. *No conditions. Enjoy your day.

Easy to contact us speach bubble

Friendly Customer Support

We're here to get you un-stuck!  Just drop us a question via email or Facebook.

Girl holding a present

You're Paying It Forward

$5 from your purchase will be donated to help kids and communities escape poverty. Woohoo!

Perfect for large groups

Youth groups, classrooms, teen birthdays, & camps

Escape rooms are an epic team activity.

The problem? You can't take 30 people to one.

Solution? Just print a copy of this kit for every team of 4 players. For example, when running an escape party of 12 people just print the kit 3 times.

Then compete by racing for:

  • King of the Hill: Just finish first.
  • Cluemonger: Whoever uses the least hints but finishes in the 1-hour time limit.
  • Silent SWAT: Players can't talk (gasp) but still need to complete the game.

Best of all, you can use the game forever once you've bought it. For example, a teacher can repeat the activity with a new class each year.


Easy to customize

Editing The Disappearance of Mr. George kit is the easiest way to try your hand at designing an escape room. After all, most the work has been done for you.

For example, you could add a real-life combination lock or safe as the final challenge in the game, or add someone's name to one of the puzzles for a birthday or team-building day.

Seriously: Designing your own escape room puzzles and putting them all together will take at least 50 hours. Even if you're using our Escape Puzzle List and Designer's Blueprint. Comparatively, we invest 300+ hours into designing Lock Paper Scissors games. So instead, grab the kit, have fun for a few hours customizing it, then enjoy time with your crew.


How to edit the escape room kit before printing


How to edit the escape room kit before printing 2

Get the Kit. Instant Download.

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Mysterious escape room experience magically made with fun and mayhem.

Instant download, just print & party.

Risk-free with 100% money back guarantee.

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Big bundle of DIY kits

Score 5 fun escape room kits including Mr. George, Escape Room Z, The Lost Mummy, Rebel Revolt, & Escape Quest.

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