Bag of 11 Wacky Escape Room Themes you can steal right now.

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So, you're pumped about designing your 1st escape room. Awesome!

Go ahead and steal one of these stylish themes, then add your own flavor.

You clever thief...

Senators little black book theme

Senator's Little Black Book

"Friends, thieves, countrymen, lend me your ears." It's time to support a bad cause so we can take down an even worse one - the dirtiest of dirty politicians.

She's bribed, backstabbed and bullied her way to the top. Surrounded by an inner posse kept in line by greed, sleaze and blackmail.

That's how we're gonna take'm down. All those dirty big secrets hidden in one little black book. She'll need more than a lawyer to get outta this one...

You've snuck into the smoosh-party as waiters and made your way upstairs... now it's time to find it before dessert is served...

Escape Room Z Story Intro | Printable Escape Game Kit

Sunny Zombie holiday

They lied to you.

Said it would be the 'holiday of a lifetime'.

'The rooftop mojitos are to die for' they said.

That's until the guys in the hazmat suits appeared out of nowhere. Just in time for the holiday goers to go all crazy like and start attacking and eating each other.

Now there's a horde beating down the door and they're not here for burger hour! You're gonna need to scale down the 28 story hotel wall using... 'Nooo not that old guys G-String...'

Old world machine setting

Frankenstein's Little Brother

As a gang of Heist Masters you've taken a lotta gigs that are well... strange... Like the time you smuggling cash into that bank vault in Moscow. But this one... well it takes the cake...

'Experienced agents needed for questionable acquisition of rare artifacts' read the note on the black net. But hey the dollars were big and the ad mentioned Tacos so you took it.

That's when the list came through:

  • Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen brain
  • Tesla Coil from Nikola's museum
  • Petrified teddy bear
  • 10 miles of sausage skins

Now while it was a lotta fun, albeit a little creepy, getting all this weird stuff your main concern has turned to the dead client on the floor... After all in your line of work Heart Attack is just another word for Not getting paid.

Your other concern is the eerie child-sized steampunk robot lying on the lab bench next to the dead guy. Hang on... is he holding a note...

Rebel Revolt Mission Intro | Escape Room Kit

Rebel Revolt!

The United World Government has almost finished building their Warhead Antimatter Response (W.A.R) facility. You cannot let that happen

That means it's time for a Government Takedown! In this treasonous escape room game you'll infiltrate the facility, steal the antimatter warhead, and rig the place to blow before the Trigger Squad end the party...

Are you up for the challenge?


Evil Sherlock's secret stash

Seriously how do these spys come up with their code names?!

'Sherlock'?! Really?

If they weren't middle-manning the designs for high-grade printable weapons you'd just make a meme about it and laugh.

As it is you're gonna have to break into their secret stash, destroy the plans, and get out before whatever's at the other end of that silent alarm comes busting through the door.

If her code name's anything to go by this one's gonna be a doozy...

Can you escape the plane

Get Outta This Plane. Now!

The gang's been in some pretty rough spots before but this one takes the cake! The prisoner transport plane is bound straight for the United World Governments (UWG) international processing center. That's bad. Real bad. Like worse than when you were stuck in Cell Block 52 kinda bad.

The guards have just taken their seats in the cockpit ready for landing. That means you've got 20 minutes to get out of these handcuffs, find some parachutes, crack open the emergency exit and bail. It's a tight clock but you don't want to be on that plane when it lands...

Time travel to an ancient world

Lost in time... Somewhere!

It turns out that valuable Egyptian artifact you intercepted wasn't quite as dead as you thought.

While you're not 100% sure exactly what happened one thing you're certain that's a T-Rex!

You'll need to fix the contraption that brought you here before... well... dinner?

Minecraft Tutorial - Original Cool Puzzle (Great for Puzzle Maps)

Minecraft Madness

You can build basically anything in the game Minecraft (seriously it's amazing and a lot of fun).

So why not construct your escape room theme and puzzles using it. You can either:

  • Screenshot and print the puzzles out.
  • Players join the actual digital game and solve it together.

If you want to make it totally epic, particularly for a kids party, add some real life Minecraft themed pick axes and props.

Escape them cell block 52

Cell Block 52

The last heist went bad. Real bad. Like much worse than running out of clean underwear kinda bad. This ain't no ordinary slam either. It's the Off Book Facility Where Bad Guys Go To Die (or OBFWBGSTD as it's known in underground channels). There's no luxuries here like bread and water, no lawyers and certainly no one who'll listen to your side of the story...

You've got one option. Break out before the poor sod they're 'interviewing' in the next room kicks the bucket and they come looking for another.

The good news? They were dumb enough to put you all in the same cell together...

Characters from Frozen

Frozen: Winter Is Back

Every single female loves the movie Frozen. Every single one.

So why not use it to flavor your escape room?

Unless you're making a business, or selling your game through our escape kit store, the copyright junk really doesn't matter

So go on - can Anna & Kristoff save Elsa this winter?


The World Is Counting On You!

To save the world doesn't need superpowers, you just need great teamwork, good communication, and plenty of brainpower!

So, can your crew of coders hack into an evil programmer's computer and stop the virus before it's too late?


Create Your Own Escape Theme

The Light Clock prop

Haven't found something you love?

Try looking around your house for inspiration. For example, we have a super unique clock that uses light to tell the time. By dimming the lighting in the room, and setting the clock to particular colors, we can change the entire vibe. We've also got an awesome stainless steel chest which would fit into heaps of scenarios. Just grab what you have and throw in some imagination.

So... what will your theme be?

Maybe you're designing machines with Da Vinci, or breaking out of the worst slam a rogue government can find to throw you, or perhaps you're the sleuth detectives cracking open a cold case.

Whatever you choose - make it epic. Make it fun!