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Ce kit d?Escape Game maison transformera n?importe quel espace en monde sombre et énigmatique d?Envy ! Un jeu de meurtre mystérieux de luxe débauché et de querelles mortelles de style Gatsby des années 1920. Préparez-vous pour une nuit de gants de velours, maculés de sang.

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1: Téléchargez le kit d'Escape

Typewriter print game

2: Imprimez-le n'importe oĂą

Party anywhere drinks

Plaisir sans souci pour 2 adultes et +

Review bar left Envy

" Jeu vraiment amusant. "

-Liz Hollar

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Review bar left Envy

" Facile avec le kit imprimé. "

- Michael Suarez

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Qu'est-ce que le kit d'Escape Game Envy ?

Statue base puzzle

Le kit d'Escape Game Envy est un pack de soirée prêt à jouer qui transforme n'importe quelle pièce en un Escape Game maison.

A quoi ça ressemble ? Eh bien, imaginez ce qui se passerait si vous mélangiez un Escape Game et une fête à la maison dans un shaker.

C'est Envy.

Dans ce monde, vos amis feront la course pour résoudre le meurtre mystérieux en équipes de 2 à 4. Vous pouvez avoir n'importe quel nombre d'équipes en imprimant simplement le jeu une fois pour chaque équipe.

Mieux encore, il n'y a pas de spoilers, vous pourrez donc en profiter pleinement !

Your Friends Will Love This Theme...

Book and feather clue

The illustrious Carnegie family are hosting a giant party of frivolity, laughter and a few spiked drinks. From Gatsby to Governors, everyone's invited for the riotous affair.

Unfortunately, the bloodied dead body suggests there are one too many guests. Was it a jealous lover? Or filthy blackmail? Or plain old fashioned Envy?

This is the bloody 1920's at it's worst.

Review bar left Envy

"A little party killed somebody..."

Review bar right Envy

Why It's The Best Way To Have Fun While You're At Home:

Complete Envy escape kit

Saves you effort. Everything's done.

The ready to play game comes with everything you need to have your party entertainment set up in less than 30 mins.

Money back guarantee pig

Saves you $$$. Everyone can play.

The whole kit costs less than 1 ticket at an escape room so everyone gets to play. Just print 1 copy for each team.

Bloody hand

More Fun Than Murder!

Your friends will have a great time. Seriously, we've sold over 60,000 escape room kits. These things are hot.

Bonuses You Get Inside Your Escape Room Kit:

Posters pack envy

Posters & Facebook Invites

Transform your room with party posters and gear to set the villainous mood.

Photo booth party props

Fabulous Photo Booth Props

Wear these props and capture the moment as flappers, clappers, gangstas, & toffs.

Music playlist

Themed Party Music Playlist

Get the party started with our custom music list crafted for this murderous night.

You Also Get These Free Perks:

Full money back guarantee decal

Risk Free Refund Guarantee

Don't love it? We'll send you a 100% refund no questions asked.

Easy to contact us speach bubble

There's A Person Here to Help

We're here to get you un-stuck!  Just drop us a question via email or Facebook.

Earth friendly game

Earth Friendly. Always.

Since you just print what you need, there's no wasted packaging or postage. Go you!

You Can Even Edit The Game!

Editing the DIY escape kit

Editing the Envy kit is the easiest way to try your hand at designing an escape room. After all, most of the work has been done for you.

For example, you could add a real-life combination lock or safe as the final challenge in the game, or add someone's name to one of the puzzles for a birthday or team-building day.

Seriously: Designing your own escape room puzzles and putting them all together will take at least 50 hours. Even if you're using our Escape Puzzle List and Designer's Blueprint. Comparatively, we invest 300+ hours into designing Lock Paper Scissors games. So instead, grab the kit, have fun for a few hours customizing it, then enjoy time with your crew.

And, You're Paying It Forward:

Thai girl

20% of the profit from your purchase will be donated to help kids escape poverty and child trafficking in rural Thailand.

Perfect For Any Sized Group

Since you can print more copies of the game it can be played by 2 people+ all the way up to larger groups 10+ people.


Escape rooms are an epic team activity.

The problem? You can't take 30 people to one.

Solution? Just print a copy of this kit for every team of 4 players. For example, when running an escape party of 12 people just print the kit 3 times.

Then compete by racing for:

  • King of the Hill: Just finish first.
  • Cluemonger: Whoever uses the least hints but finishes in the 1-hour time limit.
  • Silent SWAT: Players can't talk (gasp!) but still need to complete the game.

Best of all, you can use the game forever once you've bought it. For example, a teacher can repeat the activity with a new class each year.

Jolly Good Fun!


Get the Kit. Instant Download.

Purchase, Print And Party With the Envy Escape Room Kit Today For Just $29.

Envy tmb title screen

Mysterious escape room experience magically made with fun and mayhem.

Instant download. Just print & party.

Risk-free with 100% money back guarantee.

Or... Save Cash By Getting A Bundle!

We've thrown our best escape room games into themed boxes bursting with fun. This means you're about to have entertainment sorted for every upcoming anything.

Click the escape box below that suits you best and get ready to become the fun champ!


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  • 3 Escape Room Kits
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  • Escape Quest
  • Bonus Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

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  • 4x escape room kits
  • Lost Mummy
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  • Envy
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  • Haunting HALLOWEEN Posters
  • HALLOWEEN card game
  • Bonus Treasure Map pack
  • Show Me

VIP Party Box

$99 Save Over 50%
  • 5x escape room kits
  • Lost Mummy
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  • Envy
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  • Haunting HALLOWEEN Posters
  • VIP early access to games
  • Lifetime FREE copies of all future games. Boom!
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