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Transform your space into a FANTASTICALLY FUN Escape Room.

With ready-to-print Escape Room Kits, it takes just 20 minutes to conjure up hours of fun. Get 5 themes for one low price!

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1: Purchase & Print

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2: Follow the Simple Setup Instructions

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3: Enjoy Hours of ?Party FUN!

"We used the kit for a birthday party... it was a hit!"

-Rachel Adams

Running out of party tricks?

Do you turn up to a party filled with anticipation only to feel all the air going out of the balloon with a flat vibe, awkward small talk, and no-one even making eye contact? Before you know it, everyone?s checking their phones looking for a way out before calling it a night way too early ?

The trick is to exceed expectations and give your party people hours of REAL FUN!

The answer is Lock Paper Scissors Escape Room Kits, designed to deliver the sort of good times and great memories that you and everyone you know are crying out for.

With just a couple of clicks you purchase and download an Escape Room Kit, including puzzle cards, posters and invitations that can be printed at any office store. It takes no time to set up your space, get your crew over, crack open a few drinks, get the pizzas in, and dial up the fun to 11!

Here?s what ships instantly with your Escape Room Kit bundle:

Ready-to-Print & Play Escape Room Kits

Transform your regular room into a party-ready escape room in only 20 minutes!

5 Fun Themes with Different Challenges

Be transported to ancient Egypt, the 1920s, or the zombie apocalypse!

PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Customize the games any way you like with the super easy escape room game editor.

Themed Party Invitation Templates

Set the tone from the start, showing your party-goers this is something special!

Curated Spotify Playlist

Carefully selected music to complement each game with the right sort of good vibes!

5 Themes in One Bundle for $69, 60% saving!


House Parties, Adult & Teen Events

Enter a 1920's Gatsby style murder mystery game of deadly feuds.


Birthdays, Kids Parties, & Classrooms

A mysterious Egyptian adventure that brings the past back to life!


Parties, Classrooms, & Team Building

Zombies want your pizza! Band together with your crew to save dinner.


Parties, Classrooms, & Team Building

A treasonous escape room kit that takes you on a daring mission.

Explore Your next party theme:

Easily transform any space into a 1920's Gatbsy style murder mystery game of debaucherous luxury and deadly feuds. Get ready for a night of velvet gloves, blood-stained.

Posters pack envy
Complete Envy escape kit
Photo booth party props
Editing the DIY escape kit

Mysterious Kids Escape Room Kit That Transforms Your Home Into An Ancient Adventure! Just Download And Print The Party Kit And You're Ready To Go.

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Escape Room Z is a zombie-themed escape room kit that transforms your home into a nail-biting adventure.

It comes with everything you need to get your spooky on including all -puzzles, posters, and room decorations perfect for Halloween. Just print & party!


Rebel Revolt is a treasonous Escape Room Kit that transforms your home into a daring adventure. Just print & party!


The mysterious case of 'Where is he'! Just download and print the party kit and you're ready to go.

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