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Kids escape room party

Back to School Sale | Save 20% MORE

Exciting lessons that kids love!
Easy, teacher-friendly setup.
Limited time. Use coupon code 'back2school' to save an extra 20%
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Smiling kid playing Lost Mummy

Transform your next lesson into a thrilling adventure!

These classroom games combine learning and fun - now for a discount!
Psst... you can use the coupon on our bundle deals for a massive saving!
All of our 'edu-ventures' are designed to captivate kids with engaging challenges, fascinating storylines, and stunning art that ignites their imagination.

And because we know you've got a lot on your plate, we made sure that they set up in under 30min.

Sounds better than another math worksheet, right?

To add these magic bullets to your teaching arsenal, you just need to:
  • Choose a game (or a bundle!)
  • Use the coupon code 'back2school' at checkout for 20%-off.
  (You can even use this coupon on the bundle deals!)

This is our back-to-school gift to you, teachers and parents (I wish we could give more - you guys rock!). We know the start of the year can be hectic and just super stressful. So, we hope that having something special up your sleeve can ease that mental load a little.

Biggest savings - The History Box

3 - 4 classroom-ready lessons themed around Ancient Egypt.
Includes our best-selling escape room kit, The Lost Mummy.
Only $37 $29.60. That's the price of the Lost Mummy kit alone!
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For a cheap win - The Math Box

4 instant math lessons. Just print and play, no extra prep needed.
Combines math and critical thinking for well-rounded learning.
Only $18 $14.40. You won't find activities this good any cheaper!
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Risk-free refund guarantee

Don't love the game? Then you get your money back.
No questions asked, no hidden loopholes, no exceptions.
There's really not much more to say about this. We mean it.

If the game doesn't work for you, if it's not what you thought it would be, or if your kids just flat-out hate it, then shoot us a message. We'll refund your purchase in full.

After all, we're not here to waste your time or money. Our games are classroom gold, and we'll stand by that.

(PS - If it doesn't work for you, could you let us know why? You'll get your money back either way, but we want to make sure that our classroom games remain top-of-the-line!)

Here's what other teachers are saying:

Smiling kids playing Lost Mummy

Don't wait. Run your best lesson yet!

Teach critical thinking the fun way.
Lesson prep is done for you.
Limited time. Use coupon code 'back2school' and save 20% more
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Show me the Math Box
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