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Escape Room Z Heading

Survival Guide

This is a hard escape game.

Like really... it's super hard. ūüôā

If you've been hacking away at a puzzle for a while tap one of the hints below its picture. The 1st one's quite subtle and the last is the full solution.

Story and Mission

Play this video to the group using your phone:

How to solve puzzles.

All the puzzles involve making lateral connections between several clue cards. For example, one clue card could contain a cipher/code and another the key to solving it. By using some pen and paper you can decode the message.

Don't worry about knowing when a puzzle is solved - trust me it's super obvious. Sometimes this is because it takes you to a website where you entered a password and it told you it was correct. Other times you'll get a piece of information that will connect to another clue.

If you get stuck players can click on the hints for the puzzle they're working on.



You'll never be stuck since every puzzle has plenty of hints including the full solution. Just find the puzzle you're stuck on below.

These two buttons will quickly link you to the 2 online puzzles in the game on your phone:

Voice activated door puzzle
Light switch hint
Polaroids of movie characters on a wallPolaroids of movie characters on a wall
Resident evil stamp.
Sprite challenge
Painting puzzle.
Postcard clue.
Oven knobs puzzle
Cryptic sign hint
Base jumping backpack.
QR code puzzle.
How to build the zombie targets

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