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Site Licence - Rebel Revolt

USD $ 299

Want to run our escape games for your own clients and feel like a goblin overlord? Awesome, our site license is for events businesses just like yours! Buying this site license gives you unlimited access to our Rebel Revolt game kit on your premises.
This will allow you to:
  • Print the kit out as many times as you like (just don't sell the kit or give away any of the physical or digital copies).
  • Charge your own customers whatever you like in order to participate in the Rebel Revolt escape room experience.

This will NOT allow you to:

  • Become an actual goblin overlord. You'll need to provide your own goblins for that.
  • Sell, give away, or distribute copies of the escape room kit (physical or digital). This falls under our Resellers Program instead. If reselling our kits is something you're interested in, great - the High Wizards always welcome new allies! Shoot us a message and we'll walk you through setting it all up on your website.
We charge $299 for a site license, which gives you unlimited access to run and charge admission for your clients to participate in our Rebel Revolt escape room game. The files will be automatically available in your account after purchase, and you will also receive a magical download link via email.
Let me know if the tech goblins give you any troubles along the way, and we'll send a helpful wizard straight down to sort them out for you!
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