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Great Escape Games Perfect For Youth Camp

Come, take your pick. From mystery escape games to thrilling spy adventures, an escape room is the pulse-pounding activity that will instantly level-up your camp!
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Shirley watson puzzle master
Ready for an absolutely perfect cocktail of teambuilding, critical thinking, and narrative excitement? Let's dive in!

Escape Rooms are the Gold-Standard of Team Building

Escape room games are the most engaging youth group activity you'll find this side of TikTok.

It's like running through live-action video games... only without the screens. Plus, because they must work together to escape, your kids will learn life skills while having a blast. It’s like history class meets Fortnite!

Mystery escape games are a fantastic tool for team building, and training communication skills. Players will need to communicate clearly and effectively to solve each puzzle. Without teamwork and clear communication, the players will be trapped by a zombie, a serial killer, or a telemarketer trying to convince them that their car’s warranty is expiring.

Players must also solve problems and think critically to escape. These puzzles aren’t designed to trick the player, but they aren’t dead giveaways. They won’t see 2+2 or have to name the most recent Taylor Swift song. They’ll need to think on a higher level to free themselves from the game. However, while challenging, the questions won’t be impossible. It’s not quantum physics. Or even rocket science.

Escape rooms also make for a memorable high-point of your camp. Most youth campers will never have played an escape room. Even then, the heart-pounding thrill of escaping by the skin of your teeth is the perfect recipe for instant bonding and fun, shared memories. So take a look at these awesome escape rooms, and find one they'll love!
Totally winning Rebel Revolt

How Do Mystery Escape Games For Youth Camps Work?

You’ve never played an escape game? Do you still listen to vinyl? Use a walkman? Think Barry Manilow is the GOAT (okay, he was great, but c’mon)? Don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to speed.

Escape games place players in a precarious situation. Their very survival is at stake. They have 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles... or else suffer a horrible fate!

You’ll divide the campers into groups of 3 -6. They’ll have to search the room to uncover clues. As they find the clues, they’ll try to solve the first puzzle. Solving that puzzle will give them a clue to the next puzzle. They may have to conduct additional searches to find all of the clues they need to solve each puzzle. They may overlook information in the original search that only reveals its value later. They should be constantly re-examining their information as they attempt to solve puzzles.

Conquer the last puzzle, and they escape to ice cream and Oreos! Let the celebration begin!

Tips For Large Groups

This won’t be as simple as running an escape game for 8 kids at a birthday party. You’ll have to move a large number of kids through the game in a short period of time. Fortunately, we’re not here to say “good luck” and go on our merry way. We have tips for pulling off your youth camp escape game for large groups like pros.

You could download the escape game. It cuts your work by 90%. They’re designed for large groups. Set up is simple, and you can ask our customer support elves for help if you get stuck. You download the game, print it out, and, with a few quick scissor snips, you’re ready to play.

You can decorate the escape game as elaborately as you like. For the simplest setup, print out the game, place it in the middle of the table, and send the players off on an adventure. Alternatively, you can put together a game room that resembles a commercial escape game. Just decorate the room with posters and DIY props, hide the puzzle pieces, and put on an adventurous soundtrack.

And don't worry, this whole adventure is risk-free. If you don't like the game, you get your money back. Simple as that.
Playing Lost Mummy escape room game at home

Another option - designing your own escape room game:

You could also design your own escape game. We can give you some great tutorials on how to do this. However, to pull this off, you'll have to:

   • Develop a theme. This will guide how you design puzzles and decorate the game.

   • Come up with puzzles, including the final puzzle. Or, just choose one of these puzzles. Remember, puzzles need to be challenging without being impossible. You’ll also need to determine the right number of puzzles for your mystery escape game campers. You want a game that they can finish in 60 minutes or less without excessive hints.

   • Design clues for the campers to find, to help them solve your puzzles.

   • Test the game. Just because you think your game is brilliant doesn’t mean that it actually is. If you don’t understand this concept, ask your spouse.

   • Fix any “flaws” or issues with your game.

Crafting an escape room game from scratch is a daunting process. Most likely, you’ve got more to do in life than design games. Downloading might seem like a better option, especially when Ted Lasso puts out its next season in the middle of your design efforts.

Break into teams, and race for the finish!

Next, break your campers into groups of 3-6. This size keeps all players involved in the game. Larger size teams can edge some kids out of the problem-solving. It’s best to have all players fully involved in the game.

Each team needs a team name. This brings them together as a team right away and makes everyone more invested in the game. You can also suggest themes — every team name must be an animal, a constellation, or a character from the Simpsons. However, it’s probably best to let them think of a name on their own.

Choosing a team leader is important as well. The leader will help resolve disputes among team members and represent the team when asking for hints and solutions.

Once everyone has a group, a team name, and a leader, it’s time for the games to begin. If you downloaded a game, each team can play the same game at the same time, setting up a race to the finish. Friendly competition always makes camp games better! Announce prizes for the fastest team, such as a gift card to a streaming service, a fast food restaurant, or the local movie theater.

3 Ways to Play - Choose Wisely!

Option 1: Print And Play!

We chose this option for our epic house party! You can see how it turned out here.

For large groups — if your camp has hundreds of kids — this is the easiest option. You can print as many copies of a game as you like without incurring extra charges. Then assign a table to each group and provide them with a copy of the game.

We designed our printable escape room kits to be played at a table without decorations, lockboxes, or spooky music (although the music is great if you can pull it off). Each group member takes a different clue sheet, and the team works together to tackle the puzzles before time runs out.

We have a website dedicated to hints that campers can access on a smartphone. Alternatively, you can have them report to you to request hints, ensuring no one cheats.

Make your game into a race. Post a scoreboard to show who finished first and how many hints they needed. The campers will work hard to sit atop the big board!

You should have a counselor available for every 3-5 groups. The counselor will assist with technical issues, dole out hints, and explain the process to groups that might not understand the game.

While you won’t be decorating a dedicated escape room for each group, you can create a cool and immersive experience by decorating the room with posters and DIY or dollar-store decorations. Make sure to use a killer soundtrack (included with each game) to really immerse kids in the theme!

Option 2: Create Separate Escape Rooms

James Tate did this for his Youth Group. You can read his story here.

You’ll need a smaller camp to choose this option. Choose a number of rooms to transform into escape rooms. (You don’t even need separate rooms in a building. You can create barriers using chairs, tape, or sheets strung from wall to wall.)

This option requires the most effort. After erecting the barriers to create identical rooms, you’ll need to hide the clues around each room. Use posters and theme-centered decorations to create an immersive effect. The campers will believe that they are a part of the game world. And don’t forget the mood music!

Run the rooms side-by-side for an epic race to the finish. Put up a big board and post the finishers. Have a selection of grand prizes for winning.

This option will take significant work but will pay off in the fun your campers have playing the game and competing against their friends.

Option 3: Reset One Room Multiple Times

Tripwire game comes with the Lost Mummy
The Adams went all out, and gave us the best example of this kind of setup we've ever seen! See their awesome escape room here.

Running just one escape room allows you to devote time to making the best possible immersive experience rather than creating multiple identical spaces. First, make sure you print out multiple copies of the game in case some are destroyed, written on, or otherwise walked off after a game.

Go all out! Use physical lockboxes and drawers to hide clues. Use posters, DIY decorations, and period pieces to make your room feel real. You want those campers to feel like they just stepped out of Dr. Brown’s Delorean after reaching 88 mph and being transported to another dimension! Of course, none of your campers will know who Doc Brown is, but that doesn’t matter. Build a killer mystery escape room!

The goal is to make your kids feel like they are in a commercial escape room. You want your space to resemble the real thing! Don’t take any shortcuts.

Run groups of 3-6 through one at a time. After they finish, you have to reset the room. Every team needs the same setup. You can still have the teams compete against each other. They’re just competing one at a time over a day or two.

You need to keep an emergency repair kit on hand in case something breaks. Accidents happen! If a decoration breaks, it will not kill the experience. However, if part of the game breaks, you must repair it.

Choose An Escape Room Perfect For Your Youth Camp:



Murder Mystery | Teens 16+
This Gatsby-themed murder mystery works best for older teens, but younger teens will still be able to participate (they just might need a hand here and there). 

There’s been a murder at Carnegie mansion. The previous cops bungled the investigation, and you’re being sent to clean up after them. Just remember, this wild party has gotten out of hand... you’d better not drink the punch!
Lost Mummy Escape Room Kit

The Lost Mummy

Archeological adventure | 12 - 14 yo Teens
An easier game, Lost Mummy works better for younger players. 

In this one, you follow in the footsteps of your great-grandfather. He discovered Tut’s tomb but always believed that an undiscovered tomb existed. Can you find the tomb and make it out alive?
Rebel revolt thumbnail

Rebel Revolt

Spy Mission | Teens 14+
This escape room works great for a group of mixed ages. 

The campers must break into a highly secure weapons facility to steal the antimatter warhead and destroy the weapons facility before the weapon is deployed to crush the rebellion. Previous teams have failed. You are their only hope. Hopefully, you’re more James Bond than Austin Powers.
Escape Room Z tmb

Escape Room Z

Zombie apocalypse | Teens 16+
This walking dead escape room is tough! This game is for older teens. 

They have to defeat the zombies and save the pizza in the oven — because zombies like pizza, not brains — to make it out alive. This game works best with a nerf gun for the final puzzle! Your campers will love it!
And there you go, the secret recipe to add all the extra 'pizazz' you need to your youth camp. Just grab a mystery escape game.

It's bound to be the highlight of the weekend. The campers will love playing the game rather than spending yet another day with kickball or hide and seek. 

Just be prepared to go viral... they’ll tell their parents, who’ll tell their friends, and before you know it you’ll have the waiting list to end all waiting lists!

Get Started Right Now With a Ready-to-Play Printable Escape Room Kit:

Graffiti arrow down decal
Younger Kids
Older Kids
Frost escape box half
Frost (Magical Quest)
Kids parties
Can your kids help the magical forest Wisp in time?
Ages 8-12
Show me
Lost mummy kit half
Lost Mummy (Adventure!)
Kids parties 
Unearth Egypt's ancient secrets in this archeological adventure.
Ages 10+
Show me
Escape Quest half
Escape Quest (Time Travel)
Younger kids parties 
Fix the time machine using relics from across the ages.
Ages 6-9
Show me
Rebel revolt escape kit
Rebel Revolt (Spy Mission)
Teen events 
Treasonous spy mission to take down a government facility.
Ages 14+
Show me
Envy escape room box half logo
Envy (Murder Mystery)
Teen Parties 
1920's Gatsby-style murder mystery of debaucherous luxury.
Ages 16+
Show me
Escape room z half
Escape Room Z (Zombies!)
Teen parties 
Comical zombie thriller with a deadly splash of infectious z-virus.
Ages 16+
Show me


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Rebel Revolt
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4x Escape Room Kits
Escape Room Z
Lost Mummy
Rebel Revolt
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