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Challenge 1:

It's a takedown

[Rae, since you're the crew leader for this challenge, take charge and:

  • Put away the intro cards.

  • Spread out the Challenge 1 cards so everyone can see them.

  • Read out the intro below aloud.

  • Lead your team, and manage how/when you utilize hints.
Now, in your best voice:]

"High Tech guard mechs block our approach to the W.A.R. Facility. I can use my sniper rifle to take them out, however, to make a shot this long we'll need to calibrate it first."

"To do this we'll need the correct distance, temperature shift, and bullet caliber."

[Rae, it's time to lead your team and solve these puzzles. When they're all accomplished tap the large green Rifle Calibrated button at the bottom of the page].

Calibrate to a distance of:


Now work out the temperature shift and bullet caliber.


Hmmm... not quite there.

If only there were landmarks we could measure and count...

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].

Tiny Hint

Traffic lights go Red, Green, Yellow. In that order.

Medium hint:

This one sure is a challenge.

Start by connecting the 2 pieces of information you have to a 3rd element on the map.

Solution (-5 Points):

This puzzle is all about inferring information from what you already know:

  • The red building is 120 yards long.

  • The green building is 5 times wider than the red building.

  • Therefore, the green building is 600 yards wide

  • The grid lines show that 2 yellow buildings are half as wide as the green building. So, they're equal to the radius being 300 yards.

  • Therefore, each yellow building is 150 yards wide.

  • There're 7 yellow buildings, between the X's, so the total distance is 1050 yards.

The distance is 1050 yards.

If you're super into your maths this looks like:
  • distance = 5 times red divided by 2, divided by 2, multiplied by 7, or:

  • d = (((Red x 5) / 2) / 2) x7 which simplifies to:

  • d = (35Red) / 4

Adjust for temperature modifier:


Now you just need the distance and bullet caliber.


Doesn't feel right.

Keep rolling on though...

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].

Tiny Hint

Have to work out what that message says. Try removing what doesn't make sense.

Medium hint:

By removing all the Y's from the message it reads:

Thermal Scope. Roll to use.

I guess that means you just keep roll'n roll'n roll'n...

Solution (-5 Points):

Roll the card up like it's a scope. When you align to two edges you'll see the number 7 around the outside.

The number is 7.

Use bullets with caliber:


Now you just need the distance and temperature shift.


Doesn't feel right.

Try arranging the bullets in the correct order then do first things first...

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].

Tiny Hint

The bullets are arranged in a particular order.

Medium hint:

Once you have the bullets in the correct order start with first things first.

Solution (-5 Points):

The bullets are stacked in this order:

  • Firepower

  • Inhibit

  • Fracture

  • Terminate

  • Yield
Reading the first letter of each word gives the acronym:


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