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Challenge 3:


[Knox and Zhar, you each have an own area of expertise that you'll lead during this Challenge. One of you rearrange the cards and announce:]

"We're in!"

"Our 2 objectives are to:

  • Find a Penning Trap so we can steal the Antimatter. It's probably locked in a safe somewhere.

  • Blow this joint by rigging the self-destruct system. Knox has found the reactor's circuit board, which can be hacked. All we have to do is remove whichever diode is connected to R4."

We need to find which diode connects to R4

[You can open a high-resolution version of the circuit board on their phone by going to lockpaperscissors.co/board]

Get the Penning Trap

Need to unlock the D.R.I.L. using the 6 symbol passcode. It has something to do with the shredded email.

What's the 6 digit code to unlock the D.R.I.L. and get the Penning Trap?


Penning trap reward

Clink. Whoop. Whoop. Clack.

The D.R.I.L. is unlocked.

Inside you find a Penning Trap, for storing antimatter, along with a crusty old bagel.


Beep Beep. The door stays locked and enters security lockdown.

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].

Set the Self Destruct

The R4 diode, on the circuit board, connects to exactly 1 other diode. If we can disable it, the self-destruct sequence will begin.

Which diode is connect to R4?


BLEEP. BLEEP. BLEEP. Self-destruct activated. All personal, and mechs, are to evacuate immediately.

Grab that antimatter and get outta here. Pronto!


Ow! Snaps Knox, copping 1000 volts to his hand. That... that's not it!

[Loose 5 Rebel Points].

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